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The February launch of the PlayStation 4 in the land of the rising sun is fast approaching and Japanese gamers have been encouraged to pre-order the PlayStation 4 early. The beast from the east managed to sell out of its pre-orders, but Amazon has restocked the units for its inevitable Asian invasion.

DualShockers noted a tweet from Amazon Japan's official Twitter, where it states that the PlayStation 4 units are back in stock and available, once more, for pre-order for all those eager Japanese gamers salivating-at-the-mouth (and other orifices).

After taking a quick trip through Google Translate and to the Japanese version of Amazon, it is indeed true that the PlayStation 4 is back in stock... or rather, available for pre-orders. You can see that the limited edition is available, the limited edition with the Knack bundle is available, and the standard launch edition is available. There's a bit of a caveat to this news, however: while all of the aforementioned units are available for pre-order in Japan (at the time of the publishing of this article) all of the units are limited to one order per customer.

Due to limited supply and the constant constraints Sony has been facing as they've rolled out their new generation console in a couple dozen countries, users are not able to purchase more than one unit at a time from Amazon.

Effectively, this means that anyone living in Japan hoping to flip a unit and keep a unit for themselves will have to do so in multiple orders. Now, given that the PlayStation 4 is region free, technically those living abroad could order one from eBay but the Amazon page suggests for users not to do so, as there could be some complications with software and hardware compatibility, but I'm not entirely sure what they mean by that.

Anyway, Sony has been enjoying a really strong holiday launch of the PlayStation 4, continually showcasing a strong appeal from consumers for the console. In fact, the PS4 has consistently been outselling the Xbox One given its launch in additional territories and its penchant for being a real game console.

The sales have consistently showcased a measure of favoritism toward the PlayStation 4 as far as retailers, e-tailers and eBay have been concerned. However, the NPD Group have also favored a measure of balance in sales between the Xbox One and PS4, up to this point... but only in North America.

In other territories, such as India, the PlayStation 4 continues to grab headlines as the midnight launch parties have been announced, as reported by Gaming Bolt, and will take place across the country to offer gamers in the mid-east a chance to get in on the greatness that awaits them.

So far it looks like with the very strong sales from the Wii U over in Japan, there will be an extremely fierce battle for first place between Sony and Nitnendo as they fight for the crown of the eighth generation champion.

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