Apparently Sony wants to break the record for “most sales hosted in a single year,” as yet another batch of discounts are being offered on games, movies and TV shows through PSN as part of the Spring Fever 2014 Sale.

Announced earlier today through the PlayStation Blog, this year’s iteration of the Spring Fever Sale offers discounts on brand new titles, loads of oldies, and even video content from the television and movie sections of the online store.

“Just like last year’s Spring Fever promotion, over the next four weeks we are championing indie developers who are bringing new and exciting experiences to the PlayStation platforms and giving PS Plus members 20 percent off each title during each game’s launch week,” said Sony Network Entertainment Digital Distribution Manager, Chieh Chen. “The Spring Fever lineup features titles from stellar indie developers and I think it is safe to say that this year’s lineup rivals (and maybe even surpass) that of 2013.”

We’ll be the judge of that, Chen! Apologies for my sudden outburst. Let’s take a look at those indie darlings, shall we?

From March 3-10, Awesomenauts Assemble will be available on the PS4 for $7.99 with Plus. TowerFall Ascension comes to the PS4 on March 11 and, for the next week, Plusers can swipe it for $11.99. Vessel pours onto the PS3 that same day, going for $7.99 through Plus. SteamWorld Dig arrives on the PS3, PS4 and Vita March 18 and, until March 24, this cross-buy title can be yours for just $7.99. Same goes for the PS3/Vita cross-buy game Luftrausers. Finally, on March 25, Fez finally comes to all three PS platforms, going for 10 bucks via Plus.

For additional discounts, the Need for Speed series will be discounted from March 4-10, with Plus subscribers receiving additional discounts to boot. Same goes for the Call of Duty series from March 11-17, as well as the Grand Theft Auto series from March 18-24 and the BioShock series from March 25-31.

As an added bonus, you can get additional discounts on movies and TV shows throughout the four weeks of the Spring Fever Promotion. The Hunger Games, for instance, can be yours for $0.99 from March 4-10. Drive will be just $2.99 during that same window, with episodes of Bates Motel down to just a dollar an episode. There’s more but, for the full list, you’ll want to check out the official listing.

Week two offers The Internship for a buck and episodes of Haven for a dollar each. Week three gives you Fast & Furious 6 for a dollar, Superbad for $8, and episodes of Psych for a dollar each. Week four’s dollar movie is Man of Steel, with You’re Next for $7.99 and episodes of Naruto Shippuden Uncut for a dollar each. Just like week one, there’s a bunch of other titles we simply don’t have room to list here, so be sure to check out that official listing.

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