It’s kind of hard to believe, but it looks like PlayStation Plus will be improving yet again in June, including an extra PlayStation 4 title for your Instant Game Collection on a monthly basis, as well as a shotgun launch for all of the month’s games, rather than releasing one or two a week like in the past.

Personally, I think I prefer spacing out my Plus games across the month, because then it gives a little something to look forward to on a regular basis. I also like not knowing what’s coming each week (even if I already know the month’s roster, in general), because it adds a little extra element of surprise to my gaming life. Apparently everyone else’s lives are plenty exciting as is, because Plus subscribers have requested and now Sony is delivering on making all main games included in a month’s Plus release schedule available the first week of each month.

I’m sure we’ll still get weekly Plus discounts and promotions, so at least a portion of the mystery will remain in my life.

The other big announcement is that now all three Sony consoles—PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Vita—will enjoy two games included in their Instant Game Collection per month. This all begins in June, so look for six new titles to enjoy at no additional charge come next week.

Yep, that’s another killer list for folks looking to game on a budget. I do my best not to call Plus games “free,” like a lot of other folks, but it’s hard not to see the games that way. For fifty bucks, you get all of the usual Plus bells and whistles, like online play on the PS4, access to unique discounts, cloud storage and the like. But that price also includes a rotating roster of games on a monthly basis and, starting in June, that’ll total at least six games per month.

These games range from smaller indie titles all the way up to larger AAA releases, many of which are either brand new or only a few months old. When you get an annual Plus subscription for $50 and the first months’ worth of games could be purchase separately for more than that, considering those other 11 months’ worth of games “free” isn’t exactly a stretch.

So let’s take a look at June’s games, shall we?

First up, on the PS4, we have Trine 2: Complete Story and Pixeljunk Shooter Ultimate. The first is a beautiful side-scrolling adventure game filled with environmental puzzles while the second is a creative twin-stick shooter that has you utilizing various elements to dive deep into an alien world and save some stranded scientists.

Over on the PlayStation 3, it’s all about hoops and raccoons. NBA 2K14 joins the last gen Instant Game Collection, alongside the latest entry in the Sly Cooper series, Thieves in Time.

Finally, June’s Vita offerings include two indie darlings, including side-scrolling platformer Mutant Mudds and the extremely addictive “build it yourself” adventure/RPG, Terraria.

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