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Pokemon Sun And Moon Trailer Reveals Names Of New Legendary Pokemon

The Pokemon Company released a new minute and a half long trailer for Pokemon Sun and Moon, detailing the new legendary Pokemon, one of which is named Solgaleo and the other being Lunala.

IGN did a breakdown of the trailer and of the two new legendary Pokemon featured in the trailer. We learn that Solgaleo can resist stat-altering effects, and utilizes Steel and Psychic abilities. He also has a Sunsteel Strike, which is a rather devastating charge move towards opponents, doing enough damage to instantly cause an opponent to faint.

Unfortunately, outside of Solgaleo being able to resist stat debilitating attacks with its Full Metal Body ability and using the Sunsteel Strike, we don't get to see it doing much more than that in the Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer.

The trailer swiftly moves on to Lunala, who is a Psychic and Ghost type. It has a sort of lunar bat design with crescents formed on the outer edges of its head, wings and tail. Lunala uses a Moongeist Beam to do Psychic damage against a Gengar, although it looks like it should have been a Cosmic attack.

Anyway, they only showcase one of the moves from Lunala before jumping to the new Alola regional map, which is broken down into five islands. It's themed after Hawaiian culture, with tiki huts, wooden battle platforms and lush green scenery making up for a good part of the environment. There are also cities to venture to, mountains to traverse across, and beaches to battle on.

The Pokemon Company seems intent on mixing things up with Pokemon Sun and Moon by bringing players to an all new, exotic location.

The trailer also covers the new trainer types that are possible for players to assume, ranging from males and females and having four different skin colors for each gender.

Also, replacing the old and tired professor is a new lively professor named Kukui. He's a islander sporting a lab coat, harem pants, a rainbow hat, sport glasses and no shirt. The tropical and hip new professor definitely had some people talking about the new direction for Pokemon Sun and Moon.

The trailer also covers another mysterious character in the Pokemon Sun and Moon universe named Lillie. They don't say much about her other than that she's the assistant of Professor Kukui.

Players will also be joined by Hau, a new friend of the player-trainer who will help them out from time to time while journeying throughout Alola.

A brand new Pokedex has also been introduced in the form of Rotom. It's described as a whole new way for humans and Pokemon to communicate and for information to be relayed to trainers about their Pokemon. It's a nice, new way for players to stay on the top of their game regarding capturing and battling some of the new editions to Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Gamers will be able to get their hands on this newest 3DS entry in the long running Pokemon franchise come November 18th. Nintendo appears to be rolling out a lot of information for the game leading up to release since they'll be skipping putting any time into promoting it at this year's E3 during their conference.

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