EVGA has just announced a pretty cool promotion where you can get Lukewarm Media and Reverb Entertainment's dino-vs-human/human-vs-dino PvP multiplayer action title for free with the purchase of any of EVGA's line of Nvidia GTX 670 or higher graphics cards. I suppose, an even better deal would be getting a free GTX 670 with every purchase of Primal Carnage...am I right?

Anyway, if you were planning on picking up one of the very best video cards ever made and the one brand from Nvidia that can actually run Epic's The Samaritan in real-time, fully optimized, as well as the latest in shader and particle effects from the next-generation game engine...the Unreal Engine 4.

You could be the proud owner of a GTX 6xx brand and bring games to their knees as you pump out custom profiles featuring 64x tessellation, and 24x AA, making games look crisper, sharper, cleaner, smoother and better than they've ever looked in those PR media bullshots.

The Keplar-powered graphics cards in the 6xx line offer gamers just about everything they could ask for in GPU future-proofing for the next couple of years. If this sounds like a worthy investment and you want a free game, which has recently been updated, then you might want to jump on the offer while it's available.

You can view the following EVGA page to see which cards are eligible for the promotion. Only purchases made after January 21st are eligible for the free game redeem code.

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