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Real Boxing is making the jump from iOS to the PlayStation Vita, complete with new features and extra enhancements to make Vivid Game’s simulation of the sweet science better than ever.

Announced as being Vita-bound back in May, Real Boxing is set to hit PlayStation’s newest handheld on Aug. 27 for $9.99. For fans of the $0.99 version of Real Boxing for iOS, that might seem like a pretty drastic jump in price. But along with the man-hours necessary to actually make a port, Vivid Games explains that all sorts of new features will justify the price tag.

Aiming to be the “first console-style boxing simulation” for the Vita, Real Boxing puts players in the trunks of their very own pugilist, a custom designed fighter where you control everything from the look of the fighter to their hair, tattoos, outfit, etc. Once that’s settled, you’ll shape their career from amateur to pro, fighting in small bouts in order to work your way up to the big show.

Real Boxing runs on Unreal Engine 3, so you already know it’s going to look good. Each of the game’s fighters have been individually motion captured, too, to help distinguish each of their fighting style.

For those who fret over touch controls, Vivid stated in today’s Vita launch date announcement that the system’s physical controls will be available for use, too. Mixing between buttons, analog sticks and touch controls, you can basically play the game whichever way makes you most comfortable. There’s also going to be Near support in order to trade goodies, which serves as a nice reminder that the Near feature actually exists.

One of the biggest enhancements between older versions of Real Boxing and the version releasing on the Vita, though, is multiplayer. Real Boxing will feature “console-style multiplayer” with tournaments based on leaderboard rankings, as well as one-on-one bouts with friends or randos. They’ve also thrown in a new mini-game that lets you use the Vita’s tilt controls to fight your way out of a clinch, and the combo system has received an overhaul.

“We’re thrilled to be working with Vivid Games to bring an excellent boxing game to the PS Vita,” said Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Senior Business Development Manager, Shahid Ahmad. “Real Boxing is a visceral delight that really shows off the power of the PS Vita.”

And did we mention the real-time deformation? As is all the rage in modern boxing games, you’ll get to watch your opponent’s (or your own) face crumble under particularly nasty punches as fighters’ faces and bodies react realistically to every crushing blow. The whole package is capped off with dynamic crowds, broadcast commentary and slow-mo replays for the fight’s biggest moments.

You can download Real Boxing off of the PlayStation Network for Vita on aug. 27 for $9.99.