Real Boxing Launches On Steam For PC

A boxing game on PC? Seems like there should be some sort of celebratory parade here. It's a rare treat to get certain kinds of sports games on the PC platform these days, especially something noteworthy or that isn't designed entirely in someone's basement; but in this case Vivid Games has made it known that Real boxing has been ported over to PC and is currently available on Steam.

I only briefly remember coming across Real Boxing before when some announcements were made about the game coming to iOS, but it wasn't one of those titles that seemed as if it was worth following. I guess it obviously did well enough that a PC port was warranted.

The company sent out a press release and a launch trailer for the game's arrival on PC. You can check out the trailer below.

I have to admit that to be on a small budget, Vivid did a pretty decent job with the game's presentation (as far as what can be gathered from the launch trailer above).

The title is running on Epic's Unreal Engine 3 so that explains why it looks like something from the early era of the Xbox 360 or PS3. The movements and hit impact looks pretty good, too. I was impressed with the animations, which can make or break a boxing game.

Of course, a lot of the game's appeal will boil down to how well the boxing actually plays out in-game. How well do the boxers react to hits over a period of the round? How much visual damage do the character models take? Do the hits actually feel as if they're connecting with proper power and impact?

There's definitely a lot more to a boxing game than just graphics and presentation, and so far a lot of gamers have become accustomed to EA Sports' Fight Night series, since it's been the premier option for anyone looking for a decent boxing game. The major drawback, however, is that Fight Night isn't available on PC, so if you didn't (and still don't) feel like paying a couple hundred bucks for a low-spec, closed-in console you just don't get to experience any high quality boxing titles.

Hopefully, with Real Boxing the door will at least be opened for more sports titles to make their way onto PC. I don't know if the game is worth the price of admission (it's 20% off right now and only $7.99) but at least it's something.

The game itself features a create-a-boxer mode and offers gamers 30 battles over the course of the career mode with 20 different opponents.

Unfortunately, the game hasn't been receiving many positive reviews from the Steam community so far. Many players lament the fact that it's not Fight Night Champion, but an iOS port $7.99 is hardly going to live up to the multi-million dollar offerings of EA's title. Even still, tread with optimistic caution.

On one hand you at least have a boxing game, but on the other hand it's a bit low-ball. So you'll have to weigh your options carefully.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.