With Resident Evil Revelations' release looming, Capcom has released a lengthy story trailer. The trailer's got a lot of gameplay footage but it might be a bit too revealing for players to watch.

The trailer focuses mainly on the early sections of the game so it doesn't ruin the ending or anything. However, there's at least a couple big plot points revealed. It's best not to watch if you want to go into the game completely fresh.

In Revelations, the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance is taking on a shadowy organization known as "Il Vetro." They possess a nasty virus called the T-Abyss that could infect much of the world's marine life if released. BSAA agent Jill Valentine and partner Parker Luciani head to an ocean liner called the SS Queen Zenobia to find missing comrades Chris Redfield and Jessica Sherawat.

Revelations will be released on January 27th in Europe and on February 7th in North America. A demo is available through the Nintendo eShop.

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