Interceptor Entertainment released a brand new multiplayer video for the upcoming Rise of the Triad and features more 18 minutes of gameplay, and it's well worth watching for all the intense, Ferrari-fast gunplay.

Throughout the video, though, I'm just constantly thinking to myself – whenever he went for aerial rocket attacks – “Duck-jump, bro! Duck-jump!!!” It's like this guy never had to box jump into an air-vent in Half-Life. And the reason you duck-jump during aerial rocket encounters is because it minimizes the target space your 3D avatar creates while in mid-air. Otherwise someone might gib you because your legs were dangling from your body like bananas from a plant that hit a Shaq-sized growth spurt.

The guy is also playing like a complete console noob. It's like, “Bro, headshots...headshots, bro!” The movement reeks of a mouse being fondled like the right analog stick of an Xbox 360 controller. Nothing against 360 controllers, but if you're going to play a Quake-style multiplayer game, it's like, mouse smoothing or go back to Probotector. Next time maybe he'll put on his big boy pants and graduate to using a real that point maybe he'll get enough score to be considered a real gamer.

Anyway, Rise of the Triad looks like a blast and the gameplay is lightning fast and full of rabbit-quick reflex moments. If you're the kind of gamer who has been burned out on all the pseudo-hardcore shooter games like Call of Duty, Bodycount or Syndicate, Rise of the Triad is one of those games that gets back to the old-school basics but with more new-school flair than Liberace riding a roided up Guy Fawkes float at Carnaval.

You can look for Rise of the Triad to launch this summer for PC. And if you're in the mood for rekindling those nostalgic moments from the classic Apogee title, this budget-priced shooter might be right up your alley. For more information feel free to visit the Official Website.

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