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Deep Silver and developer Southend Interactive have teamed up to return side-scrolling hack-and-slash adventures to their former glory, prepping to launch Sacred Citadel on the PlayStation Network sometime during “the first half of 2013.”

Hack-and-slash titles used to be a dime a dozen back in the 80’s and 90’s, dominating arcades and home consoles alike. Nowadays, we’re lucky to see one or two such titles in a given year. Luckily, Deep Silver and Southend Interactive are well aware of this beloved genre’s fall from grace, which is exactly why they’ve partnered to bring gamers everywhere a brand new, deep hack-and-slash experience set within the familiar world of the Sacred franchise. According to a post from Deep Silver Brand Manager Rupert Ochsner on the PlayStation Blog, it’s high time the hack-and-slash genre makes a comeback.

“We have been fans of classic action brawlers for a long time,” Ochsner said. “And it grieved us a little that, in recent years, there has been a lack of quality titles that truly harkens back to the golden age of brawlers…That is exactly what we want to bring back with Sacred Citadel.”

Set in a time leading up to the events of upcoming Sacred 3, Sacred Citadel takes place in a time when Lord Zane’s Ashen Empire threatens the peaceful world of Ancaria on an evil quest to obtain a powerful artifact that could open a gate to the underworld. Players will be able to take control of four heroes, each with their own weapons, combos, skills, special moves, equipment, etc. You’ll visit towns, ride various monsters and machines, tool around with various combos for two-handed combat, grab loads of loot and level up your characters in order to save Ancaria from Zane and his minnions.

Sacred Citadel is due out on the PlayStation Network by June of this year, offering couch and seamless online co-op. The price point also remains a mystery. For more details and to keep up to date on the upcoming release, stay tuned to the Sacred official website.

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