Carbine Studios has launched a new beta weekend for their sci-fi MMO WildStar. This will be the last beta event for the game before its launch next month.

"The current Beta Cap will be 25 and all realms will be brought down at 23.59 PDT (5/4/14) / 02.59 EDT (5/5/14) / 06.50 UTC (5/5/14)," said community manager Mark Hulmes on the game's forums.

Hulmes added in another forum post that there are no European realms for this weekend's WildStar beta. That doesn't mean European gamers can't play, though.

"Even if you have an EU Account, you will still be using the North American region and NA Realms for this weekend. IF you select Europe as your game region you will receive the "Game Account Data Error" error," he said. "Once the EU Realms are up (yes we will have EU Realms) then you will need to select the appropriate Game Region for your account. However for this weekend, please do NOT set your game region to Europe."

Guaranteed beta access was given to every pre-order customer. Carbine also gave access to select players that registered through the game's website. If you're still missing a WildStar beta key, though, the following sites are giving out keys:
  • Ten Ton Hammer
  • The Escapist
  • GameBreaker.TV
  • GameFront
  • Den of Geek
  • Worth Playing
  • MMOHuts
  • OnRPG
  • ZAM
  • Twinfinite
  • GameSkinny
  • IGN US
  • Polygon
  • RxySurfChic
  • CraveOnline
  • BroadbandTV
  • WorldsFactory
  • Melonie Mac
  • Logitech NA
Several European sites are giving out keys as well. You can see the full list, broken down by country, here.

WildStar is set on the frontier planet of Nexus, once home to a highly advanced alien species. Two factions have traveled to the planet to recover this species' lost technology: the intergalactic empire known as the Dominion and the Exiles, a coalition of outlaws that have banded together against their authority.

Choosing a faction is just one of many crucial decisions players will make. They'll also pick between eight races and six classes. Each character must also follow a "path" that sums up their role on Nexus: Soldier, Scientist, Settler or Explorer. Each path involves a different playstyle and provides the player with unique adventures and rewards.

Eventually players will be able to create their own customizable house. Improving your home is only one of many long-term activities in the game, though. WildStar's end-game activities also include 20- and 40-player raids, as well as PvP for up to 80 players at the same time.

WildStar will officially launch on June 3rd. Pre-order customers will get three days of early access, though.

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