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WildStar, the bright, colorful and quirky sci-fi MMORPG from Carbine Studios and NCSoft finally has a launch date set for this summer, inviting everyone across the cosmos to shoot aliens, collect loot and adventure with friends on June 3.

Nowadays, the vast majority of MMOs have gone (or will likely soon be going) the free to play route. It seems a game has to be pretty special to warrant a monthly subscription from fans, something only the indomitable World of Warcraft seems to be able to pull off for longer than a year. WildStar, however, will be trying its hand at the for-pay model, available for pre-order next week for $59.99. And it has good reason, too.

Just check out the videos embedded in this post and, if you've got some extra time, search Youtube for some additional gameplay videos now that the NDA has been lifted. Even in beta form, WildStar looks like a full package, offering a unique take on the MMO genre, colorful characters and worlds, great animation and a setting far enough removed from the norm to pique the interest of gamers who have grown tired of swords and goblins.

If you decide to go ahead and grab a pre-order starting March 19, you'll net yourself a few extra goodies including access to upcoming beta weekends and a three-day head start on the game proper. You'll also get your very own rocket house (shown off in the above trailer), as well as an exclusive housing trophy, in-game storage back “and more,” according to the trailer. There's also a Digital Deluxe edition of the game for another 15 bucks, according to a statement from Carbine, that'll net you a special costume, some dyes for your gear and a hoverboard (yes, please!).

So, will WildStar be able to sustain a for-pay model, or will it go the way of so many MMOs before it, eventually forced to shift to a free to play model just to get more gamers interested? It certainly looks like the real deal and everything I've heard about the game up to this point has been positive. If any of our readers have taken part in any of the previous beta cycles, we'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below. Otherwise, here's another WildStar trailer showing off the animation, setting and humor players can expect to enjoy once the game finally launches for realsies on June 3. Need more details? Check out the official site.

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