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Sega is continuing to giveaway free games on Steam as part of the “Make War Not Love” promotion. They've been handing out free games over the past week, including many classics like Jet Set Radio and Streets of Rage 2. Well, they have a few more games up for grabs as well.

In an updated post on Game Informer, they note that Sega has updated their free offerings with games like Gunstar Heroes, Renegade Ops and Viking: Battle of Asgard.

The promotion is taking place over on the Sega Make War Not Love page, where users are encouraged to sign up for a Sega newsletter and potentially receive a free Steam code for a game via e-mail. It's a great way to get people – especially PC gamers – interested in Sega again.

The three games up for grabs vary from retro old-school to slightly old, to slightly new. Gunstar Heroes is one of the most underrated classics from the 16-bit era that could best be described as a 2D, side-scrolling action game made in a similar vein to Platinum's Bayonetta or Vanquish. Unsurprisingly those two games are published by Sega, so for those of you wanting to get an idea of what the history of the genre looked like before it turned 3D, Gunstar Heroes is a good look at that genre from the side-scrolling perspective.

Viking: Battle of Asgard came out during the early part of the seventh generation of gaming for the Xbox 360 and PS3. The game later had a release on PC and put players in the role of a viking battling against hordes of enemies in a somewhat Viking-oriented depiction of the thousand-army design. Koei Tecmo have become famous for this aesthetic with their Musou games such as Orochi Warriors and Dynasty Warriors. The game features a lot of hard-hitting fights interspersed with some over-the-top boss battles that look like they come out of Zack Snyder's 300.

The last game is Renegade Ops, a somewhat-recent top-down shooter from the makers of Just Cause. The game sees players utilizing various vehicles and high-grade military equipment to blast the crap out of enemies. The explosions and destructibility did not go to waste in that game, as a lot of it worked as groundwork for Just Cause 3, which came out just last year at the dawn of December. The arcade-inspired action game is a non-stop romp through the jungle, playing out in similar fashion to classic arcade titles like Banpresto's Gundhara or Megacon's Mercs.

The three games continue a trend over the past week where Sega has been giving away a lot of noteworthy games for free. Previous to this they had titles like Jet Set Radio, Binary Domain and Streets of Rage 2 up for grabs. Many gamers recognize that those are nice variety of games, ranging from the miscellaneous, platforming-adventure genre in Jet Set Radio, to the third-person action-shooter genre in the story-heavy, futuristic title Binary Domain. If you're not into shooting or jumping, you could get your fisticuffs on with the beat-'em-up classic Streets of Rage 2.

These giveaways are only available for a limited time, so make sure you get in there and sign-up for the newsletter before the promotion ends.
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