Croteam and Majesco’s re-release of the classic shooter that set the pace for wide-open shooters to follow in its footsteps is fast approaching. Games like TimeSplitters, the fanboy favorite Halo and Far Cry all took bits and pieces from the epic shooting game, Serious Sam. With its Xbox Live debut on the way a new trailer was revealed for Serious Sam HD, showcasing the re-imagining of the classic title in full-on HD.

After the original announcement many gamers were probably curious how the game would be revised with the Serious Engine 3. Well, it wasn’t long after that gamers got to see how the HD version of the original game would look with some crisp new screenshots. Well, it’s time to step away from the stills and the textual announcements and see how the new game actually plays.

The new trailer fits its “epic” description. It’s basically a montage of a series of fragging, blasting and explosive decimation. A deathmatch gamer’s dream Xbox Live title, no doubt. The game is due out this fall but you can check out the new trailer below thanks to GameTrailers. For more info on Serious Sam HD feel free to visit the Official Website. For more gaming news, info and updates, be sure to stay tuned in with Blend Games.

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