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Shadowrun Returns Dragonfall Expansion Available For Pre-Order

It feels a little odd calling something with its own full-length campaign, new feature and gameplay enhancements an “expansion,” but that’s exactly how Harebrained Schemes is billing Dragonfall, the first bit of epic DLC for Shadowrun Returns. And in case this bit of additional content was something you had your eye on, you can now pre-order this “magic-meets-cyberpunk” gaming goodness for $14.99.

Shadowrun Returns is a tactical RPG harkening back to its old-school namesake, a game that’s all about living life in a future gone wrong, where crime is the norm and cybernetics and the magic arts have melted into the very fabric of society. You need to own a copy of Shadowrun Returns to enjoy Dragonfall, which can now be pre-ordered via Steam. With a release date set for Feb. 27, that gives you just one month longer to wait before diving into the expansion’s wealth of new content.

According to a statement from Harebrained, the Dragonfall expansion features “a robust full-length campaign set in the city of Berlin and contains a multitude of new features and enhancements.” When the expansion launches on Feb. 27, you’ll be able to pick it up for Windows, OSX and Linux with an iPad and Android tablet version to follow.

For those who don’t remember, Shadowrun Ruturns is yet another Kickstarter darling, raising more than a million bucks throughout its campaign and releasing in 2013.

“The response to Shadowrun Returns has been the highlight of our year…” said Harebrained Schemes founder Jordan Weisman. “Dragonfall continues the high standards set by Shadowrun Returns, while adding in new features for the game and the editor that we hope will help draw fans even deeper into the Shadowrun universe.”

As stated above, Dragonfall features a whole new campaign for players to explore. According to the pre-order announcement, players will operate out of an “offbeat central hub neighborhood,” where they’ll select missions to go on and experience much of the new campaign’s story. The adventure takes place in the Free City of Berlin, boasting all new environments, characters and a soundtrack composed by Sam Powell, the guy behind the tunes pumping through the original Shadowrun for the Sega Genesis.

You won’t be flying solo, as players will have a small team of shadowrunners at their command, each with their own abilities, backstories and motivations. Supporting your squad on its quest will be all new weapons and cyberware, which will be helpful against the game’s new crop of baddies.

There’s also a bunch of new game editor features for those who want to create some community content for other players to enjoy, and the blessed ability to save anywhere while playing.

If you’re ready to head back into the world of Shadworun, then get ready for Dragonfall on Feb. 27. Until then, feel free to drop 15 smackers on that pre-order we were discussing earlier.

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