Silent Hills Spiritual Successor Allison Road Cancelled

It seems anything tainted by the Silent Hill influence can’t seem to catch a break. What was going to be a wildly horrific journey into a game inspired by Silent Hills, turned into a truly heart-breaking tragedy. Allison Road developers have announced the game will no longer be in development. 

Allison Road posted a mysterious Tweet on June 4 stating,

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There wasn’t any details connected to the Tweet to answer why the game was cancelled. 

If you’ve read my previous articles, then you know I am a huge fan of survival horror, as well as the Silent Hill series. And many fans have been counting on the Allison Road game to be the Silent Hills we never got. And now, as if a curse lives among games similar to Silent Hills, Allison Road was mysteriously cancelled, just like its Kickstarter.

What really bothers me about this is how much of a following and a dedicated fanbase Allison Road has built, and the best they can deliver this news is through a Tweet with poor grammar? Don’t you think the fans deserve an explanation? A reasoning? Or at least a formal statement? It’s been two days since the announcement on Twitter and still, we have no statement. We have no reason for why Allison Road won’t be happening. Maybe I’m just a dedicated Silent Hill fan tired of getting my hopes up and taking my anger out. Whatever the reasoning behind the cancellation, it’s hopefully something the developers behind Allison Road have given a lot of thought to, and I think it’s enough to trust them that they had to make this decision.

I’ve seen game development behind closed doors and I’ve seen the kinds of things that can go wrong; the problems and issues, if not handled lightly, can spiral out of control. 

I think what hurts the most is that we were so close. So close to finally getting our hands on something equally as terrifying as Silent Hills that wasn’t a teaser. 

Hopefully, we’ll be getting a statement from the developers sometime tomorrow, but it sounds like the cancellation of Allison Road is really happening. To stay up to date, you can visit Allison Road’s official website