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Life got ya down? Tired of the daily grind? Need to get away from it all in a relatively safe virtual setting? Then friend, we've got just the vacation destination for you. It's called The Sims 3: Island Paradise, it releases on June 28, and now there's a new trailer to show you exactly how much fun you'll be having in the sun.

This latest addition to the Sims universe is all about sand, waves and swimsuits, giving player the chance to bask in the sunshine and creep out seemingly nice people by strutting around in a diving suit for no reason whatsoever.

The latest Island Paradise trailer shows off several of the game's key features, including building a houseboat, running an island resort, exploring underwater landscapes and, I'm assuming, pulling off some sick cannonballs poolside.

“Here Sims will find their path to happiness with all-new leisurely activities, outdoor escapades and out-at-sea discoveries,” reads a statement from EA. “They can set sail on a sunset cruise, dive deep beneath the waves to explore the ocean floor, retreat to a romantic bungalow stilted just above the water, island hop to meet new Sims and more.”

You can pre-order The Sims 3: Island Paradise at Origin before June 28 for $39.99. Doing so will net you the Limited Edition of the game, which also includes the Island Survival Pack, a collection of items designed to help your Sims survive on a deserted island. If you need something to tide you over until then, (Tide. Get it!?) then you can read up on other Sims 3 gaming opportunities here, here and here.

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