The sky is no longer the limit as Zero Sum Games and publisher Iceberg Interactive announce the impending beta launch later today on Steam for 4x space strategy game, StarDrive. Get ready to build up an empire and take on the stars as the game moves one step closer to an official release.

And speaking of an official release, the launch of the StarDrive beta will bring with it additional savings on the game proper. Throughout the beta period, StarDrive will be available for early purchase for 15 percent off.

“After years of creating this game, we are finally ready and hugely excited to be entering the beta stage on Steam,” said Zero Sum CEO Daniel DiCicco. “We are hu;ngry for the feedback of the seasoned 4x gamers that have been following development. The game is still evolving and, with the help of our fans, it will only get better while, at the same time, we are confident they will have a blast with StarDrive as it is now.”

A StarDrive page has not gone up on Steam yet, so be sure to search for the game title throughout the evening if you’re looking to get in on the beta as soon as it’s made available. To serve as a small appetizer, here’s the latest trailer for the game.

Players begin the game with a single planet and a small number of spaceships. Your job is to conquer new worlds through exploration, diplomacy and force. You can trade, spy and research your way to the top, build your very own spaceships, take part in real time battles, deploy ground troops, control your ships with standard or arcade controls, develop your own fleet formations and strategies, etc. Basically, there’s a whole galaxy out there just waiting for you to discover its countless secrets, as well as an untold number of other races either waiting to become your ally or greatest enemy.

“After having been in QA for over four months, we have a polished beta build ready for the masses of fans who have been waiting patiently for this day,” said Iceberg CEO Erik Schreuder. “StarDrive will challenge experienced 4x players and let them relive the golden days of grand space strategy games. This is going to be a very special occasion...”

For more information, be sure to drop by the StarDrive official website.

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