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This is one game I'm truly excited about. StarForge has a promising future ahead of it and it's all thanks to its innovative and creative approach to game design and gameplay. Just recently, the game managed to surpass its goal on IndieGoGo and then some.

IndieGoGo is like an alternative to Kickstarter. A lot of small indie titles take their campaigns to IndieGoGo, usually after appearing on Desura or while they attempt to get greenlit on Steam's community voting service.

StarForge is a creative title that mixes in a nuanced sci-fi setting with base creation and terrain deformation. Players can build, craft and sculpt the world to their liking. The possibilities are literally endless. Check it out in the trailer below.

Very exciting stuff right there.

One of the things that really tickles one's fancy is the ability to customize and craft your own weapons. I'd love to see just how extensive and detailed this feature can get because it's only briefly showcased in the campaign video.

With the inclusion of vehicles, space travel and pretty much infinite replayability, StarForge could be the next step in the evolutionary chain of the emergent Minecraft subgenre. For more information or the opportunity to give the game a test run with the free demo, be sure to head on over to the Official StarForge Website.

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