Google's top 10 list of the most searched for video games of the past year has gone live courtesy of their trending list. It shows off the games that people were most interested in when it came to the world of interactive entertainment, and the number one entry will completely surprise you.

The thing is, the Google Trends list has a bunch of games you would expect to see on there, many of which aren't surprising at all. In fact, you could say that everything from the number two spot all the way to number 10 are the most likely and unsurprising games you could imagine. But the number one slot really knocked me out of my socks because before this article I'd never heard of the game... at all. So without further ado, here are the top 10 most searched for video games of 2015.

No. 10 Battlefield: Hardline
I don't know if this really deserved to beat out Halo 5, but the waning presence of Chief and Cortana on the waning Xbox brand probably had a lot to do with EA's title edging out the Xbox One exclusive. However, there's a good explanation for this. First, Battlefield: Hardline is a multiplatform release, so PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 owners were searching it up in addition to Xbox and PC owners. Second, there was a lot of controversy over how cut-and-paste the game felt, according to the community. So multiplatform release plus the controversy helped this Battlefield title take the number 10 spot.

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