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The McFarlane Toy line, headed up by comic book and action figure maestro Todd McFarlane, will be in charge of constructing the action figures for Titanfall 2. According to McFarlane Toys the figures and game will release in the winter of 2016.

Polygon is reporting that McFarlane will be making the Titanfall 2 toys and that they will be arriving this winter. They later reached out to confirm the news with publisher EA, who provided Polygon with a statement on the matter, saying...
MacFarlane Toys will be releasing toys inspired by Titanfall in Winter of 2016. We have yet to provide a release date for the next Titanfall experience from Respawn.

This isn't too surprising, but it still gives us an idea of when the sequel for Titanfall will be arriving. Previously EA had made it known during their financial statements that Titanfall 2, Mass Effect: Andromeda and the new Battlefield game would all be released during fiscal 2017, which runs up to March 31 of 2017.

EA isn't afraid to release games in March as a final boost for their fourth quarter releases during the fiscal cycle. In fact, the original Titanfall released on March 11 in 2014 for the Xbox One and PC, using the few million sales to help pad their fourth quarter results. Before that there was Mass Effect 3, which released on March 6 of 2012 – the sales helped push the sales revenue during that quarter.

Based on the previous talks about Titanfall 2's story and the new campaign mode – which will be based around a sci-fi, space version of the American Civil War and the American Revolution – it was revealed by the lead writer that the game would either launch in late 2016 or early 2017.

Given that EA likes to space out their games and create separation between AAA titles, it's possible Titanfall 2 or Battlefield could end up in winter release window. Also, we know that the mainline Battlefield games can compete head-to-head with Call of Duty in sales – and knowing that there is serious pedigree attached to DICE when it comes to first-person shooters – it wouldn't be surprising if EA matched up the newest Battlefield with Call of Duty in November, and had Titanfall 2 arrive in December.

Keep in mind that Titanfall is a series that has strong brand appeal and has a lot of popularity in the toy and hobbyist mecha community. The main image above is from the Square Enix line of collectible action figures from the first Titanfall game, carrying premium prices and containing inexplicable amounts of detail.

The McFarlane line of Titanfall 2 figures will be seven inches tall, and likely contain similar amounts of detail as the PlayArts Kai line of figures. Knowing that the figures are releasing this winter means they would make for the perfect Christmas gift. It wouldn't surprise me if EA had the game launch alongside the figures.

Barring a late winter release there's still the possibility of Titanfall 2 launching in early 2017, which would mean Mass Effect: Andromeda would either be a late fall release or an early March, 2017 release to avoid getting in the way of Titanfall 2 or Battlefield.

One thing is for sure, the latter half of 2016 and early 2017 is going to be jam packed with EA products.