Transistor finally launches next week and, to get everyone ready for this magical trek into a world powered by music, the developers have taken to the internet to answer a few behind the scenes questions and give a few details on the newly revealed “Recursion mode.”

Back when Sony first started throwing around the idea of turning the PlayStation 4 into a home for all things indie, one of the most impressive stallions in that stable was Transistor, a new game from the folks behind Bastion, Supergiant Games. Despite dozens upon dozens of new indie game announcements in the following months, Transistor has remained at the top of many-a “can't freaking wait” list, wowing fans at conventions and teasing everyone with the occasional bit of new media and info concerning the game.

Speaking of which, Supergiant Games Creative Director, Greg Kasavin, recently visited the PlayStation Blog to tout the game even further, somehow making the wait even more unbearable than before. Thankfully the agony of poorly exercised patience is about to let up, as Transistor finally arrives next Tuesday, May 20.

“It's been immensely gratifying to have worked on something that so many folks are excited about,” Kasavin said. “Though, knowing full well just how little of the game we've shown, I'm eager to see the response to all the many aspects of the game we've purposely kept secret.”

Here's an idea, Mr. Kasavin: Maybe go ahead and give it to us today, then? No? Well, it was worth a shot.

Similar to Bastion before it, finishing the Transistor storyline doesn't necessarily mean you're done with the game. Far from it, in fact.

“Our philosophy on replayability comes down to this: Our foremost goal is creating a complete-feeling, well-paced game that's respectful of and rewarding of the time you put into it,” Greg Kasavin continued. “...As part of our goal, we wanted to build rich, deep-feeling game systems for Transistor, such that it's impossible to experience the full breadth of the gameplay on a single playthrough.”

And that, boys and girls, leads to Recursion mode, which becomes available after your first completion of the game proper. You can think of Recursion mode as a sort of new game plus, complete with abilities that carry over and continue to grow, new enemy formations and other “surprises” that Kasavin is, of course, hush-hush on. This remix of the game will continue upon further replays, meaning those who really enjoy Transistor will have plenty of reason to keep coming back for more.

So tell us, dear reader: Are you excited for Transistor to launch next week? Expecting to dip into that Recursion mode once you've experience the campaign? Let us know all about it in the comments section below.

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