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Uncharted Fans Don't Want A Movie, Voice Actor Says

Whether or not an Uncharted movie will ever get made is still up in the air but, according to the voice behind game star Nathan Drake, it’s probably not something that the fans want to see happen.

In speaking with Game News, legendary voice actor Nolan North has finally said publically what many game fans are apparently thinking. According to Nathan Drake’s 3D alter ego, an Uncharted movie might not be the best idea.

North begins by explaining that he is completely detached from the movie portion of the Uncharted franchise, and that his knowledge of the potential film is limited to what he reads online. From that, though, he said he’s got a pretty good idea of how fans of the game series feel about a potential silver screen debut for the man with the iron phillanges.

From what I’ve heard from fans is that they don’t want an Uncharted movie, no matter who is the star of it…I think the emotional investment people have with Nathan Drake is so high that it would be very difficult for them to accept somebody else; even me, with my face, as Nathan Drake.

North is probably onto something here. Drake is one of those rare iconic video game characters that’s crammed so full of personality he’s practically a living, breathing dude. Even if North took on the role and brought along that trademark charm and wisecracking swagger, it wouldn’t be the same as the Nathan Drake we’ve come to know from the games. He backs this up by pointing out that the Uncharted games are already cinematic experiences in their own right, so a movie might feel a bit redundant when fans have already had a hand in controlling the hero through all of those spectacular scenes.

And then there’s the old (and well-deserved) stereotype about how hard it is to not only craft a good movie based on a video game, but to make one that’s financially successful. North points out that Resident Evil has proven to be an exception to the rule, but that it’s genre might have something to do with that. He also brings up the most recent Hitman movie, which tanked critically and at the box office.

Personally, I find myself siding with North on this one. I wouldn’t be against an Uncharted movie by any means, but it’s not exactly a film I feel needs to get made. I’ve already experienced that world in three fantastic action games and will (hopefully) do so again when Uncharted 4 launches next year. I’m not sure I’d be as interested in passively watching Nathan Drake go spelunking when I’ve traditionally been the one controlling all of the action.

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.