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A German listing for Uncharted 4: A Thief's End has listed that the game could be launching on March 9th, 2016 for the PlayStation 4. This has caused a frenzy of theories and discussion about the launch of Naughty Dog's latest game, leading some to believe that the date could be real.

Gamerant compiled a lot of the data that some people already know about Uncharted 4 and have speculated that the March 9th date – gathered from an e-mail from Amazon that was shared on Reddit – could be the real deal.

The date has a lot of people stumped. Some think that the March 9th date could be real, but if you check the calendar that puts the release on a Wednesday, which would be extremely unlikely for an AAA title. Some figured maybe it would launch on March 8th in North America, which would be a Tuesday, but it would launch globally on March 9th. That still doesn't quite add up because usually international releases are on a Friday where-as North American releases are on a Tuesday.

The only time games launch on a Wednesday is when it's a digital-only release. However, it's next to nigh impossible that Sony would have Uncharted 4 release as a digital-only title and it would be even more unlikely that they would forgo a physical release.

The March 9th date seems a little off the mark as far as history and traditional releases go. This game obviously isn't big enough that Sony would abandon working methods for a big AAA release to dump a game in the middle of the week on a Wednesday out of nowhere.

The likelihood is that Amazon has a placeholder date for the first quarter of 2016. According to Gamerant Sony is looking to get Uncharted 4 out before April 1st. It would make a ton of sense if they really did only have the March 9th date sent out to some customers as a placeholder.

That's not to say that Sony would forfeit releasing the game on the first week of March, because that's entirely possible.

Uncharted 4 itself is a highly anticipated title that's set to release in 2016, mostly driving up sales of the PS4 in the process. The game sees the return of Nathan Drake and a few other familiar faces in the franchise.

The characters will take on their most dangerous quest yet, as indicated by the snippet of action-oriented gameplay from the E3 demo build. The game now has fully operable vehicles where some segments will see players driving fast and furious through some segments and taking various routes to get to a destination. The fighting is still largely quick-time oriented like in previous games but it also still looks highly satisfying. We haven't see a whole lot of the platforming or puzzle solving, but what they did showcase has improved greatly over Uncharted 3. There are a lot more options for stealth this time around since the maps are a heck of a lot larger and that means that gamers can explore and exercise a few more options for tackling obstacles compared to before.

We don't know if March 9th is the final date but Uncharted 4 is definitely coming next spring.

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