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Watch Dogs Asynchronous Multiplayer Trailer Turns This Into A Must-Buy Game

For the first time since I've laid eyes on Watch Dogs the game has finally portrayed itself as a must-buy title. All before now we've seen glimpses of potential of the game and snippets of PR-friendly media, but holy snap did that all change with this latest video that bridges concepts that are almost mind-blowing.

So the first 10 minutes of the video are cool. I was sold. For the first time ever I was really feeling the game and loved the whole thing of scavenging the ghetto for the control center and then doing a little side-mission for some extra credits. I was sold.

But then... then the game took on a whole different turn. When Aiden heads to the gun shop to buy weapons I was pretty excited to see what kind of arsenal would be available to the player, however the video didn't go far into that direction since the gun shop owner triggered the silent alarm and the player had to flee, and this is where it got extremely interesting.

The player character starts getting hacked... other hackers are free-roaming around. My mind was blown. Ubisoft's biggest problem in all their games (lately) has been the lack of a challenging AI, and here it is the player character is being turned into a victim by a sneaky dastard; it's so awesome!

I was pleasantly taken by surprise, however, to find out that some Dark Souls happened and that it was actually another player who invaded the game and was trying to steal some information. How insane is that? He nearly succeeded, too.

From there, the game turns into an intense cat and mouse game where the player character attempts to track down the player-hacker and subdue him. However, things don't go as planned and the invader manages to steal a car and make a clean getaway.

Using the game's seamless online feature, the player-character heads to the map, surveys the area and manages to find the rough location of the hacker who tried to data-rape him. The chase begins... again.

Now this is pretty cool because in the video we get to see how players can track down, interact and watch other players without ever making their presence pronounced. It's like... a real stealth game! We were introduced to the multiplayer mechanics before, but seeing it in action and how seamless it works with the single-player just makes it that much more compelling.

Anyway, the video gives gamers a bit of closure and justice in a short time span, as the hacker who invaded the player's game is lured into an alleyway trap and quickly disposed of before any civilians could get involved. I was duly impressed.

And so, for the first time ever, Watch Dogs is now on my “Must Buy” list. Before the game looked okay but it was no where near the top of my list of must-buy games for the fall. The hacking originally looked kind of gimmicky and none of the open world stuff seemed all too interesting before, but Ubisoft managed to reel it in and give it proper context and weight in the scope of how these features could equate to some major moments of fun. Great stuff.

Of course, you'll probably want to pass on getting the game for current gen consoles since it looks like crap, but the game looks absolutely gorgeous for PC and the other three next-gen consoles. You can learn more by paying a visit to the official website.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.