Ubisoft has confirmed that the console version of Watch Dogs are basically the poor man's rendition of the game. What you saw in the latest trailer is basically what you'll get: poor man's graphics. PC? Well, the GPCMR will be receiving a version that's better than the E3 build of Watch Dogs from 2012, Ubisoft's creative director admits. The Xbox One and PS4? Well, we've already been down that road.

A lot of people expressed disappointment when they realized that Watch Dogs had undergone The Forzaning. For those of you who don't know, The Forzaning is when a game looks really good at E3 – likely due to high-end Nvidia GTX-powered PCs with Cosair liquid-cooling and a high-end Intel CPU that pumps out so much power that if it wore a jockstrap it would be too heavy for both the Xbox One and PS4 to carry – and then that same game makes it onto retail shelves and runs decidedly worse... like this.

The Forzaning is a rare thing, insofar that most people will never recognize that it happens until it's too late. For those who do recognize it, it's a gift... and a true service to the rest of the gaming community when put into action. It takes a special kind of gamer to see through the pre-baked shadows, post-processing effects and upscaling filters to witness the true game behind the PR mind-tricks. When this rare thing happens, we call it: The Forzaning.

Sadly, Ubisoft was caught in such a catastrophic paradox recently with Watch Dogs. The company's latest trailer, the story trailer, revealed all about the game... and so much more. In fact, the trailer revealed something that Ubisoft didn't think that anyone would see... something they didn't bet on: Watch Dogs had been downgraded.

There was a lot of fallout, and Ubisoft worked hard to damage control the news about the downgrade. It was too late, though. The Forzaning happened... and there wasn't enough bullshots and Twitter-spin to make it go back in the box.

Thankfully, Ubisoft has decided to run with what they have. They're acknowledging that The Forzaning did happen, and that the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game are downgraded in comparison to the PC version from E3 2012.

According to DSO gaming, however, the PC gaming crowd will be on the receiving end of some good things for Watch Dogs. The downgrades weren't infectious and don't carry consolitis with them. Creative director Jonathan Morin took to Twitter to state that the PC version, in comparison to the E3 2012 build is...
“In many regards better. We did not stop working and PC never stop to evolve.”

“Trailer wasn’t a good GFX reference. E3 2012 was PC as we always said and E3 2013 is PS4 reference. Was always the case”

This is good... this is very good.

Many PC gamers became worried that the revelation of the downgrade was contagious across platforms, but the early diagnosis from Morin tells us that the PC version will indeed, stay intact with what the company showcased in their true vision of the title two years ago at E3.

Of course, gamers have become distrusting. Many are asking for more PC footage; no more console demos, no more console footage. They want to know that the Glorious PC Master Race has not been betrayed... injected with a false sense of hope from the ever-present plague in the AAA business known as consolitis, a disease that sees PC ports downgraded in order to maintain fast porting parity for the home console market.

Morin assures gamers that E3 2012 isn't the last we'll see of the true vision of Watch Dogs on PC...
“We are not making demos every day :) But you will see PC HD footage again yes”

This is good... this is very good.

The prognosis is looking quite healthy for the PC rendition of Watch Dogs, and hopefully it will go on to live a strong and healthy life under the Steam community, and to a lesser and more casual extent, the uPlay community.

For more information, feel free to visit the official Watch Dogs website.
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