Watch Legend Of Tomorrow's Brandon Routh Play DC Universe Online

Brandon Routh, one of the stars of the CW's Legends of Tomorrow, recently played the Xbox One version of DC Universe Online. They remade some of the characters he's played from movies and TV in the form of characters within DCUO, and Routh took his alter ego the Atom for a spin.

The video was posted up over on the official DC Universe YouTube channel. Brandon Routh doesn't actually start getting into critiquing his roles as various comic book incarnations until the minute and 31 second mark, but once he gets into it we get to hear his quips about the characters he's played over the years. From his guest appearance on the NBC show Chuck to his small but memorable role in Scott Pilgrim vs The World, all the way to his nostalgic portrayal of the Man of Steel in Bryan Singer's Superman Returns, Routh uses DC Universe to stroll down memory lane.

Later into the video Routh begins to create his own character, going through some rather wacky combinations while tidbits of information about the actor pops up on screen. Such facts include his love for college basketball, which results in him putting his character in some sneakers and socks because he makes it known that you never know when you're going to stop to have a game of basketball while out fighting crime. I'm sure Batman and Superman never thought about that while putting together their costumes.

We get some fun facts throughout the character creation process in DC Universe Online, including that there are more than 2,000 different style combinations that players can choose from, and that the game caters missions to players based on their moral alignment of being either a hero or a villain.

I was always torn on the way DC Universe Online handled missions as opposed to Champions Online. Both games had their pros and cons, but I didn't like how you were basically typecast in your role of hero or villain as opposed to shaping your character through their alignments and how they handled missions. It just seems like it would have been cool to straddle that line between hero and villain by being able to make choices that swayed the barometer of morality, something that actually makes up a strong part of Batman and Superman's story arc.

The video finishes up with Brandon Routh getting to take control of the Atom, recreated to look like the one from the television show Legends of Tomorrow. The Atom ends up taking on the Scarecrow and his henchman, and then later faces off against Bane but doesn't fare too well in the match up, finding himself beaten into a pulp by the Venom-fueled mercenary.

I think the biggest takeaway from the playthrough was the fact that it was advertising DC Universe Online for the Xbox One. For the longest the game was exclusive to the PlayStation consoles when it was developed by Sony Online Entertainment. But after Sony let go of the studio and renamed it to Daybreak Game Company, they were no longer beholden to keeping their properties as PlayStation (and PC) exclusives. In result DC Universe Online is now on the Xbox One.

Brandon Routh may not have been able to beat Bane on the Xbox One version of the super hero MMO, but he's still kicking butt and taking names on the Legends of Tomorrow TV show.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.