DC Universe Online Just Made Some Sweet Anniversary Plans

Daybreak Game Company is continuing to update DC Universe Online. It may seem crazy, but the game is actually 5 years old. In celebration of hitting a milestone that very few MMOs actually reach, the developers have some big plans for the game that they will unveil during two special live-streams.

Massively OP is reporting that the celebration will happen both in out-of-game activities and in-game events. For instance, they announced that they have plans to host a pair of streams where they will give away gifts and goodies to gamers. It's a neat way to earn something special for doing nothing more than logging into the game.

Both live-streams will take place on the Kinda Funny Twitch streams, where the first will feature Colin and Greg starting 11AM PST on Monday where the show will be hosted live from Daybreak. They also plan on announcing some big news for DC Universe Online, but of course you'll have to tune in to find out what that is.

The official website also reveals that the second live-stream will feature the Kinda Funny Games crew playing DC Universe Online where they will walk gamers through some of the content and what the developers have planned throughout 2016 for the game. This includes a special look at Episode 21 where it's stated that the new content will be made available sometime in February.

The second live-stream will take place at 1:30PM PST or 4:30PM EST. So that's the one where gamers will find out what Daybreak Game Company has in store for the MMO later into 2016.

It's impressive that the game is still up and running, as it's been a moderate hit across the PC, PS3 and PS4. The game allows players to create a hero or villain in the world of the DC Universe, and take tutelage under some of the big names in the universe, ranging from Batman and Wonder Woman, to Superman and the Green Lantern. There are also villains like Lex Luthor and the Joker who also offer their services to aspiring villains.

The game came out and competed with Cryptic Studios' Champions Online. Both games were superhero-based MMOs and both games took wildly different approaches as to how players could build and craft their heroes.

DC Universe Online definitely captured a more recognizable world from the DC comics including Metroplis and Gotham City, but Champions Online literally felt like the world was ripped right out of the comic book pages, especially with its cel-shaded look and bright colored environments.

DC Universe Online did manage to switch things up by having a more console-friendly combat system and a beat-'em-up style approach to its gameplay, but it's definitely more of an acquired taste compared to typical MMOs out there. The flavor of its design was obviously aromatic enough to various comic book fans and MMO gamers to keep them entertained for the past half decade, so Daybreak Game Company definitely did something right.

Starting Monday, we'll find out exactly what the future holds for the upcoming online multiplayer title, and you can tune into the official website to keep abreast of the news for the console and PC game as it celebrates its fifth anniversary.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.