This is the big week before all the awesome-bombs drop starting on June 6th next week. Before you get overwhelmed with all the E3 greatness this recap will cover everything you might have missed that’s important to know before this year’s big Electronic Entertainment Expo. Some of that big news includes announcements for games like WWE 12 and Metro: Last Light, as well as details on The Witcher 2 appearing on the Xbox 360. In addition to this, there are a ton of games just waiting to be viewed with massive company E3 line-ups. Also, those welcome back packages are up and available for all you PSN users…welcome back y’all! These stories and much, much, much more in this June 4th, 2011 edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap.


The First Templar Co-op Review. Find out if these post-dark age hack-and-slash title is worth it.

Sony’s Free Identity Theft Protection Now Available For PSN Members.

Why The New Xbox Needs XBLA. A few reasons why the next generation Xbox needs the Live Arcade.

Gears of War 3 Campaign Trailer Reveals Underwater Combat, Enormous Lambent. Who doesn’t like fighting over-sized, undersea creatures?


Aliens Colonial Marines Viral Marketing Continues With Replica Pusle Rifle.

Bungie Announcing Next Game In July?

Nintendo Downloads: Super Adventure Island, House. Classic platforming titles make an appearance on the Nintendo download channel.

Dead Island Box Art Released for Xbox 360, PS3, PC. The cover art features…dun, dun, dun…zombies!

The Secret World Story And Missions Explored In Dev Doc. A detailed look at how the missions play out in the upcoming MMO.


GameStop To Honor Duke Nukem Forever Pre-Orders From Fifteen Years Ago. You still got your receipt? Well, GameStop still wants your money.

Final Fantasy V Coming To PSN. The classic title will be arriving soon for the PlayStation Network.

Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Beta Begins June 28th. Try your hand at the new game before it launches later this year.

Call of Duty Elite To Launch Alongside Modern Warfare 3; Beta Coming This Summer. A little extra cash will earn you some extra goodies.

WAVI XTion Motion Based Device Coming Q3, 2011. Kinect gets a little competition.

Snakebyte Naga Headset Set TO Premiere At E3 For Xbox 360, PS3. A brand new headset for auricular enthusiasts.


BackBreaker Vengeance Arriving This Summer On PSN, XBLA. More football action, Euro-style, heads to the XBLA and PSN this summer.

Majesco E3 2011 Line-Up Headlined With BloodRayne. The biggest titles from Majesco includes Hulk Hogan’s Main Event and BloodRayne. Nice.

WWE 12: Bigger, Badder, Better Wrestling Game Coming This Fall. More realistic, more dynamic and revamped like never before.

Natsume’s E3 2011 Line-Up Revealed. Family-oriented gaming for the whole family…I promise.

Turtle Beach Announces Two New Headsets For E3 2011. One for PS3 gamers and the other is for PC and Xbox 360 gamers…everyone wins.

Aliens Colonial Marines Set For Spring 2012 Release; E3 Teaser Trailer Released. Gearbox revives vaporware…for the second time. This company deserves an award, they really do.

Carmageddon Reincarnation Slated For Digital Download on PSN, XBLA, PC Next Year. The streets will no longer be safe, starting in 2012. Mark your calendars road warriors. Your time has come.

Metro Last Light Coming 2012 For Xbox 360, PS3, PC. THQ made the announcement now gamers just have to wait for it.


Perfect World Entertainment’s Surprising Triple-A E3 2011 Line-Up. Top notch games you wouldn’t expect to be free-to-play.

Square Enix Unveils Massive E3 2011 Line-Up. A bunch of top notch games coming from a top notch publisher.

Witcher 2 Coming To Xbox 360 This Year. Even though they said it wouldn’t be likely, it seems like they’ve reigned on that claim.

Duke Nukem Forever First DLC Free For First Access Club Members. A little “Thank you” for patiently waiting an entire lifetime.

Catwoman Confirmed As Playable Character In Batman: Arkham City The femme fatale becomes a playable key element in the new stealth adventure.

The Asskickers Official Release Date Set For June 30th. Asskicking begins at the end of the month.

JAWS Ultimate Predator Arriving This Fall For Wii, 3DS. Chomping on evil bass masters everywhere.

War of the Worlds Survival platformer Coming This Summer To PSN, XBLA. 1950s London gets some Roald Emmerson treatment in this space-invasion action title.


THQ E3 2011 Line-Up Featuring Big Franchise Titles. WWE 12 and Warhammer 30k flesh out an impressive list of games.

E3 2011: El Shaddai Release Date Announced. Seek revenge on them pesky fallen angels beginning this July.

EA Unleashed Huge E3 2011 Gaming Line-Up. And by huge I’m talking several pages worth of palm busting games.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Escalation Arriving For PS3 June 10th. PS3 gamers can finally enjoy some Call of Duty action.

EA Launches Origin Digital Store. Competition for Steam perhaps? We’ll see.

Kirk And Spock Team Up In Star Trek Co-op Game. Friendship carries Spock and Kirk into the very depths of galactic space.

Sci-Fi Thriller XCOM Gets March 2012 Release Date. I don’t know if you guys are excited about this game as I am but this is big news.

Rayman Origins Brings Back Old School Platforming This Holiday Season. A long-time platforming icon gets back to the basics this holiday.


PSN Welcome Back Package Now Available. Grab your two free games and stop whining like a little ho!

Co-op Shooter, Payday Heist, Coming To PS3, PC. An interesting new squad-shooter that sees players taking on roles similar to Kane & Lynch.

Xbox 360 Sales Top 55 Million. Doing better and better each year. Eat that Sony.

Bite Sized Warhammer 40k Coming To XBLA. Part of THQ’s allegiance to the almighty Warhammer machine.

That wraps up this edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap. The trailer below is from an upcoming MMO that finally brings North Americans some Monster Hunter style gameplay and…it’s free to play. Enjoy.

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