What a week, eh? Things started off pretty tame and then escalated to degrees that make the potshots taken at Obama at an AB rally look tame by comparison. As per usual, there was a lot of political manifestos circulating throughout most of the controversies, including two LBGT scenarios of epic, internet-meltdown proportions.

We also found out that Activision has been putting a lot of money aside for a really huge project... Bungie's project. The company revealed that it's probably one of their most risky ventures yet, clocking in with an estimated expenditure of $500 million. That's retirement money for an entire company.

Anyway, these stories and much, much more in this May 10th, 2014 edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap.

Avengers 2 Video Game
Given the huge popularity of the Avengers movie, it might make some sense to have a video game based on the property. Gaming Blend's Pete Haas asks if the Avengers: Age of Ultron might get a video game this time around? If done properly, like Marvel Ultimate Alliance, it could turn out to be a pretty big thing. Lots of controversy erupted over pixel counting estimates that put Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare at 810p for the Xbox One. Quite naturally, there were tears, butthurt and lots of bloodshed... and that's just in the comment section. On the flipside, the upcoming indie game, Aztez has been confirmed to be 1080p on the Xbox One and PS4. Also, if Darkseid and Thanos joined forces and started to destroy the galaxy you would probably poop your pants. Something equivalent has happened with EA and Comcast joining forces. There's also some neat concept art of Star Wars 1313 from beyond the grave, and an honest trailer of Skyrim just might lighten your mood.

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