While there's a lot of Nintendoom talk circulating over the full fiscal year results for the Big 'N's performance throughout the previous year, they actually did manage to hit a milestone that they've been aiming for for quite some time.

GamesIndustry.biz rolls out the short and sweet version of Nintendo's financial results, and the company has suffered a $230 million dollar net loss compared to their previous year results, which saw them at a $70 million dollar net income in year-over-year sales. Still, the income loss is less than what they had forecast, which was estimated at $250 million. So they beat the estimate by $20 million. Not bad.

DualShockers notes that Nintendo managed to move 2.7 million units throughout the entirety of 2013 and managed to bring their total to 6.17 million units sold to date. This is exactly what Nintendo was aiming for after posting losses in their previous quarterly results, to which they said they would aim for 6 million units installed by March of this year. They hit 6 million units installed as of March of this year.

The Wii U also moved a total of 32.28 million software units since it's launch, which works out to around five games per system sold, showing a much higher attachment rate than anticipated. In the previous year alone, nearly 19 million software titles were sold for the Wii U.

The 3DS, however, has moved 162.92 million software units within its lifetime and has sold 68 million software titles in the past year.

The 3DS also fared quite well in the hardware department, moving 12.24 million hardware units in the past year and totaling 43.33 total units sold to date.

Despite being down from the previous year, Nintendo actually has a stellar line-up of hardware-sell-worthy titles coming down the pipeline. One of the biggest hurdles Nintendo has been facing is getting over the software drought for the Wii U, mostly coming at the hands of third-party absence from companies like Take-Two Interactive and Electronic Arts. There's also the matter of having certain games pushed back or indefinitely delayed, leaving the Wii U without as much of a diverse library as its competitors (sans Xbox One).

Nintendo, however, has bucked up and decided to do things their own way; carving a path of greatness through the thicket of third-party tragedy. Iwata leads a charge of sales-weary employees through the minefield of “Nintendoom” laid out bare and plentiful by the Doritocratic militia.

The howls of desperation from the hounds of the competition echoes greatly throughout each and every step that Iwata takes, but through the sweat of the brow and the secretion of the secret sauce, Iwata is taking Reggie and the rest of the Nintendo generals into a brand new age of excellence.

The time is drawing near as the resurrection and rebirth of the Wii U's presence within the core market takes center stage, starting with the highly anticipated, much-lauded and gorgeously rendered Mario Kart 8.

If things go the way they should go, the Wii U could get back into the fight, maintain its lead over the Xbox One and erect a comeback to rival the sales of the PlayStation 4.

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