Witcher 2 REDKit SDK Now Available, Let The Modding Begin

The latest rendition of the REDKit software development kit from CD Projekt RED has gone live and is currently available in open beta. The kit allows aspiring developers, gaming enthusiasts, coders, or established game creators to have a go at making content based on the Witcher 2 using the latest iteration of the REDKit.

So what does this mean? Why is this good news? Why should you care? Well, it means that comopetent designers/modders can make new levels, quests, stories and add-ons for The Witcher 2. It's good news because it expands the lifespan of The Witcher and opens up doors for all sorts of amazing modifications, semi-conversions and total-conversions. You should care because this means that The Witcher 2 could potentially get its own version of DayZ or Back to the Future or an Iron Man Mod, just like with Arma or Grand Theft Auto IV.

The opportunities afforded to modders using the REDKit are almost limitless and the layered variety of potential content that can be made from the SDK will soon come to fruition.

CD Projekt RED is really handling this right and handling this well. They've basically futureproofed the potential of The Witcher series and hopefully the same can also be applied to their upcoming futuristic cyberpunk RPG...Cyberpunk 2077.

You can grab the REDKit right now from CD Projekt RED's Official Website. The company is currently working on The Witcher: Wild Hunt and Cyberpunk 2077, both of which are due out for PC and next generation consoles.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.