World Of Darkness MMO In-Game Footage Released

CCP Games gave a presentation on their upcoming World of Darkness MMO at EVE Fanfest this weekend. In addition to providing some additional details on the game, they showed off in-game footage.

World of Darkness is based on primarily on pen-and-paper RPG Vampire: the Masquerade. Vampires are real and secretly pull the strings in the human world. They also engage in wars with each other behind-the-scenes. Like EVE Online, WoD features player-run politics. Players can be elected to positions such as Prince of a city.

Politics isn't the only focus of the game, though. CCP also touted the "coffee house", or social, side of the game. Casual gamers will have places throughout the in-game cities to congregate. When players aren't feeling so civil, they can engage in hand-to-hand combat.

The video at the presentation is a fly-through of one of the city. No characters are seen. CCP is trying to build a seamless city, so that you're not treated to a loading screen every time you head indoors. In the video, you can see detailed interiors in some buildings from outside.

As WODNews notes, this information and trailer will probably be the last we'll hear of the game for awhile. CCP plans to "go underground" with the game again. They'll resurface again once they're good and ready.

It's not clear when World of Darkness will be released. CCP significantly reduced the development staff for the game last fall. The company is focusing primarily on finishing DUST 514 and improving EVE Online at the moment. Once DUST 514 launches, though, perhaps work on WoD will be ramped up and we'll hear more frequent updates on the game.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.