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Xbox One Titanfall Update Is Now Available

Just ahead of the launch next week, Microsoft has rolled out the official update for the Xbox One in preparation for Titanfall.

The update has been long-rumored to bring great things to the Xbox One, and was one of the many things leaked by the fellow on Neogaf, who claimed that Microsoft had something in store for gamers this March.

Well it's March and Microsoft has something in store for gamers.

The patch is actually part of a one-two combo that first got its legs on the ground back in February, where it was revealed that stereo headset support, a stereo headset adapter for 3.5mm audio sets or 360 gaming headsets with 2.5mm chat cables would be made available, and new support for 50hz TVs and set top boxes would be added.

It's funny because the whole “TV on your TV” thing didn't quite work out for the Brits across the pond, due to a lack of proper 50hz support, as noted by the boys at Digital Foundry when they were testing how well the Xbox One handled TV on your TV.

But enough about TV on your TV. Not everyone bought an Xbox One to watch sports TV, TV, sports and TV sports. Some people bought an Xbox One to watch other people on their TV play games on their TV. For that, Microsoft needed to ensure that Twitch TV was working the way it needed to so watching other people on your TV watch TV worked properly. Thankfully, the update enables watching your favorite games with ease, as well as sharing those gaming moments with other people, so they can watch you watch your TV. The Twitch features won't be available until March 11th, so you'll still have to wait a bit to get the most out of the app.

Another exciting feature updated and prepped for the release of Titanfall is the Machinima app. As we all know, Microsoft and Machinima have a long and storied history together, and hopefully all those subliminal messages of positivity that Microsoft paid for via YouTube personality promotion will pay off in the long run. I mean, the subtle nudges toward Microsoft's big black box by your favorite YouTuber that you didn't know was on the take to talk up the new “water cooler” around the offices might have actually helped move a few of those $500 boxes out of Best Buy's stockpile and dwindle down a few of those 900,000 cases sitting on retail shelves.

If you thought that was all, think again. Microsoft is in full-on desperation mode and that means that they will be aiming to do things the right way because they need you to want an Xbox One. That means that the update also adds support for the new Xbox One Media Remote so you can control all your devices hooked up to the Xbox One from one central location.

Last but not least, social functionality has been included and increased for the Xbox One, including the ability to invite friends to games, a new feature to check out the most recent players you played with and the much-requested party chat features. Now you can cross-game chat in a party just like you used to do with the Xbox 360.

You can grab the update for the Xbox One right now if you haven't already and start enjoying the new features to prep you for the first (multiplatform) killer-app set to drop for the Xbox One next week, on March 11th. Need more information? Feel free to visit the official Xbox Live website as you prepare for Titanfall.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.