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Techland and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment released a new trailer for Dying Light: The Following, showcasing how the new and improved “Be The Zombie” mode will play out now that an even larger environment is present and the deadly dune buggies are rolling around the countryside.

The trailer is only a minute and 52 seconds long, but it covers the many different gameplay aspects of the zombie mode and how players can utilize the dune buggies to completely alter the asymmetrical, competitive multiplayer aspect of the online play. Check it out below, courtesy of the Dying Light YouTube channel.

Just like in the standard rendition of Dying Light, the “Be The Zombie” mode is present as an asymmetrical challenge for four human players against one zombie player who controls the Night Hunter. The four human players will attempt to work together under the time limit to kill off all the zombie breeding nests before the Night Hunter tracks them down and kills them off.

It's very easy for the human players to die since they aren't as strong or as agile as the Night Hunter. Alternatively, humans are equipped with some tools to combat the speedy and deadly foe, such as the UV lights that will slow down and cause the Night Hunter to become susceptible to extra weapon damage. Think of it as a similar tool to the UV lights they used in Blade II against the Reapers.

In the original game, there was a lot of tactical back-and-forth between the human players and the Night Hunter because the humans had to try to avoid being spotted or sniffed out by the Night Hunter while also using the environment as a way to misdirect their foe. Additionally, the Night Hunter could utilize zombie hordes to distract and lure the humans into a trap and pick them off one by one if separation between the four players could be established.

For Dying Light: The Following, I'm curious how the strategic elements will come into play now that the dune buggies will play such a large role in both the traversal of the new map and as a weapon to be used against the zombies (including the Night Hunter).

As evidenced in the trailer above, the Night Hunter still has the ability to sling across tall structures like Spider-Man, but I do wonder if there are any other special abilities the super-zombie has to combat the human foes? According to Techland, they did put the Night Hunter under the developmental scalpel and make some tweaks and balance changes to the zombie class, but they don't exactly reveal what sort of changes those are. I guess we'll find out when Dying Light: The Following launches on February 9th.

In addition to bringing back the Night Hunter, asymmetrical multiplayer mode, the standard four-player co-op is also returning. The new map in the DLC will also be twice as big as the map in the original game and there are new weapons, the new dune buggies and some new quests and challenges to overcome in the game. The expansion and Enhanced Edition of Dying Light are due for release next week on the PS4, Xbox One and PC.
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