Big Brother's Chris Kirkpatrick Gets Candid About Divisive Season 24 Gameplay And How He Personally Felt

Big Brother Season 24 is over, but fans are still talking about what may eventually be considered one of the all-time best seasons in the game’s history. Former Houseguests are giving their takes on the season, and what they liked and disliked about the latest episodes, and that includes celebrities who played as well. Chris Kirkpatrick knows a little something about house drama as an alum of Celebrity Big Brother 3 and had some candid thoughts on the latest season. 

I had a chance to speak to NSYNC’s Chris Kirkpatrick following his exit on The Masked Singer, where he got to fanboy for a change and meet one of his idols. After chatting about that experience, I asked him what he thought about Big Brother Season 24, knowing he’s a fan and former player. Kirkpatrick shared his highlights of Season 24, which might fall in line with how many felt about this season as it ran:

I think this season started off as one of the dullest I’ve ever seen in my life, and quickly changed that around and became one of the most exciting ones, which it always does. It’s going to take them a couple weeks to really start with the gameplay and flip-flopping and all of that stuff. I think it was a great season, it was fun to watch. I was a big fan of Turner, I like watching Turner. He was a lot of fun.

Chris Kirkpatrick is a fan of Matt Turner, which isn’t necessarily a hot take. Turner definitely captured the attention of many fans as one of the most winning Houseguests behind Michael Bruner’s record-setting streak of wins. Additionally, Kirkpatrick noted that he was a fan of the season overall, especially with all the twists and turns (which you can read about in our Big Brother Season 24 breakdown). 

He did have some notes for Season 24 though, and the state of modern Big Brother overall. The singer, who was a part of the abbreviated but almost equally dramatic Celebrity Big Brother 3, noted that there’s one trend he’s not a fan of:

I don’t like how some of the gameplay has turned into ‘More than gameplay.’ I don’t like bringing up the racial or homophobic side of it. It’s a game. Let’s just play the game…That kind of affected me on my season. To where it was like I don’t want to deal with any of this negativity. If somebody wants to lie and say these things about me, and if I stand up to them they’re going to lie even more and make me look bad. If I don’t, they’re just going to slam me and say I’m a certain way. So, I wish we could just get back to Big Brother and not use all of this in the gameplay. There are other places you can use that stuff. This is a game. It’s a fun game. Big Brother is fun to watch. Let’s keep all that other stuff out of it.

Chris Kirkpatrick didn’t get specific about what drama he was referring to, though Celebrity Big Brother fans may remember he had some real drama with Olympian Mirai Nagasu during the game. That certainly may influence some of his thinking when seeing what unfolded with other houseguests like Kyle Capener with his racist controversy, or some of the accusations Houseguests made against Taylor Hale in manipulating Paloma Aguilar’s mental health. 

The NSYNC singer isn’t the only former Houseguest to speak about the changes in modern Big Brother. CinemaBlend spoke to Janelle Pierzina a while back and she pointed out social media and cancel culture prevents modern seasons from reaching the same tension and intensity of classic seasons. Whether that’s for better or worse is for the fan to decide, but regardless of where they stand, they can always revisit the classic seasons with a Paramount+ subscription

Big Brother was renewed for Season 25 on CBS, but we’ll still have some time to wait for it to premiere. As mentioned, classic seasons and the latest Season 24 are now available on Paramount+, and should hold folks over until the new season is here. 

Mick Joest
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