Big Brother 24: Kyle Gained Unexpected Ally After Addressing Racial Bias, But Will That Save His Game?

Warning! The following contains spoilers from the Big Brother Season 24 live feeds as of Tuesday, August 30th. Read at your own risk!

The newly-formed After Party alliance looked like it was poised to shake up the game after the double eviction, but as Big Brother Season 24 continues to prove, fans should expect the unexpected. A clutch and record-tying veto win by Michael Bruner kept him safe from Matt Turner’s Head of Household plans, and a new revelation about Kyle Capener put a massive target on his back. Surprisingly though, after Kyle addressed his racial biases to the Houseguests, it looks like he gained an unexpected ally that might give him a chance at saving his game. 

For those who haven’t been tracking the live feeds with their Paramount+ subscription, online fans have campaigned against Kyle ever since his pitch to Michael and Brittany Hoopes weeks ago. Kyle essentially stated to them that he believed the Black and other minority Houseguests were aligned, similar to the way The Cookout was formed in Season 23. Without explicitly saying so, Kyle pitched an all-white alliance to combat it. Now, when it seemed like allies Monte Taylor or Taylor Hale were in danger of leaving under Turner’s HOH, Brittany and Michael revealed that information to the house which ultimately made Turner nominate Kyle up against Taylor. 

The live feeds have avoided showing some of what’s unfolded since then, but we’ve learned enough to know that Kyle admitted his motivations were rooted in race, and that he apologized and promised to work on changing his perspective. Surprisingly, he’s found some sympathy with former Dyre Fest HOH Terrance Higgins, who is actively campaigning to keep Kyle in the game over Taylor as a result.

Terrance Higgins on Big Brother

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Why Terrance Is Defending Kyle After His Confession

The Houseguests had a lot of reactions to the information they learned about Kyle, and understandably, plenty of people were upset. (Even his showmance Alyssa was shocked). With that said, Terrance had empathy for Kyle and told him that he believed his bias was more about living a sheltered life, and not anything else:

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Terrance expressed further that if Kyle wanted to have conversations with others in the house that he’d be willing to sit with him and help talk all that out. Later on, Terrance even discussed wanting to keep Kyle in the game over Taylor with Monte, though Monte didn’t seem all that receptive to the idea when discussing it with Taylor: 

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Terrance is advocating on Kyle’s behalf, which could give him life in the game if he’s willing to stay. Whether it will actually happen after this bombshell, though, is a completely different question. 

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Can Terrance Save Kyle From Eviction? 

Kyle would need three votes from other Houseguests to stay in the game. Assuming he doesn’t actively tell them to vote against him, he likely has Alyssa Snider and Terrance as two of his three votes. This means he’d either need Michael, Brittany, or Monte to vote against Taylor and while things aren’t looking good, there is a chance it could happen. 

Michael and Brittany feel like the least likely votes for Kyle, considering they started this whole situation. This whole scenario was constructed in large part to protect the foursome of Michael, Brittany, Taylor, and Monte. It would be very shocking to see them turn on the plan to protect Taylor over Kyle, but in a season where an unexpected exit led to the creation of a new majority alliance, who are we to say what can happen? 

The most likely person to flip the vote is Monte, who Terrance was working on for most of Tuesday morning. While Monte has an alliance with Taylor, Brittany, and Michael, he could find new life in protecting Kyle and keeping true to The Pound alliance (Kyle/Monte/Turner). 

Monte has some security right now within his current foursome, but he’s also protecting the strongest alliance in the game. Brittany and Michael are an obvious duo in the house, and one of them just tied the record for more veto wins in a second season. Michael is quickly becoming a target that should be taken out as soon as possible, and removing Taylor from his numbers and flipping to the other side of the house will weaken his game tremendously. Monte would be better off without Michael in the game in the final weeks, but can he afford to drop him now? 

Personally, I think this will all boil down to if Monte can get an offer that’s enticing enough for him to flip. He’ll need some guaranteed security at minimum from the After Party, and even then, that may not be enough for him to betray Kyle and evict Taylor. With that said, Kyle still has a better shot than some might think he’d have in this position, so it’ll be worth keeping tabs on the live feeds in the coming days. 

Big Brother airs on CBS on Sundays and Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m. ET and on Thursdays at 9:00 p.m. ET. Tune in to the live feeds on Paramount+ for the latest updates on what’s happening, as this week could be one where things change by the hour. 

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