Gabriel Iglesias Has Seen ‘Everybody Naked’ In Magic Mike, Tells Us Who The Hottest One Is

Gabriel Iglesias is obviously best known for his stand-up comedy, as the “Fluffy” comedian has reached a level of fame and success with said artform that very few comics have ever gotten close to. However, he has also established himself as a rather successful actor, and one franchise that he has become a staple of is the male stripper mayhem that is Magic Mike. Now he’s dishing on who the hottest of the Adonis-esque cast is, although he may have delivered the response begrudgingly.

I recently caught up with the comedian to discuss his new Netflix special Stadium Fluffy, and when I asked him who the sexiest of his famously ripped castmates from the Magic Mike movies was, he said the following:

Yeah, I saw everybody naked. I wasn't trying to, but I was there in the mix. I was just happy that I had craft services all to myself because those guys couldn't eat because they had to stay, they had to stay shredded. Uhm, this is weird. It's a weird question. Can I take the fifth on that one? I'm going to plead the Fifth on it. All right, since this is Channing Tatum's movie, we're going to have to go with the star, so let's just go with Channing Tatum. This way I didn’t avoid it, and I’m giving a plug. So, much love Channing.

So clearly this was one question the famous funny man didn’t want to answer, but nobody twisted his arm into admitting that he had seen them all nude! Obviously this wasn’t intentional, but when you’re working in close proximity with folks for long periods of time on set, especially folks who have to wear various revealing outfits, seeing them cycle in and out as their leather-clad characters is probably inevitable. You can watch his complete discomfort in the video at the top of this article. Despite feeling awkward, he did manage to give me an answer, and for that, I applaud him.

Said plug for Channing Tatum doesn’t hurt, as the franchise is completing its trilogy with Magic Mike’s Last Dance on the way! The director of the original film, Steven Soderbergh, is returning to the helm. Tatum is starting to hype the film by teasing a lap dance, and even showing us a steamy photo of Salma Hayek experiencing his physique firsthand. Even Lenny Kravitz wants a piece of the action, but given that they’re already filmed in London, the time to add to the cast has likely passed.

Gabriel Iglesias himself doesn’t seem to be in the new film either, and has said previously that he was too busy preparing for Stadium Fluffy. The new Netflix special is an incredible accomplishment, as Iglesias managed to fill Dodger’s Stadium with fans for a nearly three-hour set that ended up costing the comic a huge fine. Not to worry, as he would do it all over again, calling it the “greatest night of my life.” 

You can watch Stadium Fluffy on Netflix right now! If stand-up isn’t your style, you can check out our full list of Netflix movies and TV shows coming our way in 2022. 

Jeff McCobb
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