How Chicago Fire Will Deliver A 'Real Showcase' For Eamonn Walker's Boden In Hostage Situation

Eamonn Walker as Chief Boden on Chicago Fire
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Chicago Fire is still finding new stories to tell more than 200 episodes into its run on NBC, and things are about to get dangerous in a different way than usual for Wallace Boden. The Deputy District Chief may have a long history of running into burning buildings and braving dangerous structures, but the episode that airs on April 13 will see him in a hostage situation. Co-showrunner Derek Haas promised a “real showcase” for actor Eamonn Walker, and the star had some intriguing comments of his own to preview what’s to come. 

Eamonn Walker has been part of the Chicago Fire family going all the way back to the pilot in 2012 (and you can rewatch those earlier episodes with a subscription to Peacock), and has previously weighed in on storylines worth revisiting in the series as it keeps on going. Members of the Fire team spoke with CinemaBlend and more outlets in honor of One Chicago Day, and co-showrunner Derek Haas previewed that the upcoming Episode 18 will be “a giant Eamonn episode,” and “a real showcase and very exciting.”

The show is coming off of an episode that was huge in a good way for Cruz and Chloe as they got the news that they’d be able to keep little Javi in their family unit for a happier twist than what Dawson and Casey got back in the day, but will Boden’s showcase end as well for him as Cruz’s did? Getting the spotlight on Chicago Fire can mean serious danger for whoever is at the center of the action, and the description for the next episode – called “What’s Inside You” – reveals that Firehouse 51 will have to band together due to a hostage situation. 

The promo for “What’s Inside You” makes it clear that Boden will be the one who winds up in the hostage situation, and it honestly looks like a situation better suited for the cops of Chicago P.D. than the heroes of Fire. Still, if anybody would rise to the occasion to save lives no matter what the threat, surely that person would be Wallace Boden! Eamonn Walker of course didn’t spoil everything that is to come with his big episode, but he previewed his own reaction and what’s in store:

I really love our writers coming up with ideas. When Derek called me a couple of weeks ago for Episode 18 that's coming up and we spoke, I got really, really excited when we were speaking on the phone. And I know that the audience will love it too. And it ticks a lot of boxes.

Boden’s promotion may mean more desk work, but that doesn’t mean he won’t find himself in the thick of danger from time to time! The promo footage for “What’s Inside You” indicates that the poor man doesn’t wind up part of a hostage situation because he heroically raced into danger, but rather that a simple run to the grocery store took a very unfortunate turn. Take a look: 

Whether or not Boden and the rest of the hostages escape from this situation unscathed remains to be seen. He’ll undoubtedly do everything that he can to help the others and defuse the situation from within the store, which will result in him at gunpoint. It’s probably safe to say that the heroes of 51 will want to pitch in to help their chief as well from the outside. 

Find out when the “What’s Inside You” episode of Chicago Fire airs on Wednesday, April 13 at 9 p.m. ET on NBC, between Chicago Med (which just brought back Hannah) at 8 p.m. and Chicago P.D. (which may have just broken up Burzek for the foreseeable future) at 10 p.m. in the 2022 TV schedule.

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