How Chicago Fire Will Handle The 'Real Mess' Of Violet's Situation With Emma And Chief Hawkins, According To The Bosses

Hanako Greensmith as Violet on Chicago Fire
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Chicago Fire partnered Violet with somebody new in the wake of Brett’s departure to spend time with Casey in Oregon, but she definitely hasn’t bonded with new EMT Emma in the way that she did with Brett. Emma lied about her background almost as soon as she boarded Ambulance 61, and then escalated to spreading stories about Violet to try and get her permanent job at Firehouse 51. There are still a few episodes left before the end of Season 10; with Brett not returning until the finale, the showrunners weighed in on Violet’s situation with both Emma and with Chief Hawkins.

Co-showrunners Derek Haas and Andrea Newman recently spoke with CinemaBlend about the very exciting news that Jesse Spencer is reprising his role as Casey for the Stellaride wedding in the Season 10 finale, and they had plenty of good news to share, including about the Casey/Severide bromance. One character may not be getting good news any time too soon, however. When I asked about Violet’s situation with Hawkins and with Emma at this point, Newman previewed: 

Impossible is a good word, I would say, for that. Yeah, it's a mess. It's a real mess.

Poor Violet is facing the prospect of her new partner trying to force her out of her job at 51, and she’s pretty short on allies who can do something to help her. Gallo and Ritter both know the truth and are on her side, but have no power to do much of anything other than support their friend. She went to Boden to try and get Emma transferred, only to get the bad news that even a CFD Deputy District Chief can’t influence the assignment of paramedics. 

And that meant that her only options were to go to her love interest/boss to try and get Emma transferred out of 51, or else just try and outlast Emma until Brett returns. Unfortunately, as became clear in the last episode before the break (which you can watch with a Peacock subscription), Hawkins stepping in to help Ambulance 61 jump the lines for repairs already got them in some trouble, even though Violet hadn’t asked for or wanted him to help on that occasion. 

Hawkins is already in hot water at the moment, so he can’t transfer Emma away without it seeming like favoritism. According to Derek Haas, Violet is only going to be in a stickier situation moving forward. He shared:

I think it's gonna get impossible-r or from here. The screw just keeps turning and it's gonna go in a way that's gonna really... the audience is going to be throbbing to have Violet vindicated. For sure.

Apparently, Violet’s situation is only going to become more impossible, and whether or not she’ll be vindicated is far from guaranteed at this point. Considering that Chicago Fire likes to go big with its finales, it’s entirely possible that fans will be “throbbing” for Violet to catch a break during the whole hiatus, if the storyline isn’t resolved! 

A lot may depend on whether or not Brett is coming back to stay. The showrunners confirmed to CinemaBlend that Brett won’t be back before the Season 10 finale, so Kara Killmer won’t be back until Jesse Spencer returns as well. If things went well enough for them together in Oregon, I can imagine that Brett would decide to leave Chicago (and 51) to be with him there. That would be bad news for fans who consider Brett a favorite, and could be very bad news for Violet as she struggles with Emma as a partner. 

See what’s next for Violet and the rest of the heroes of Firehouse 51 with new episodes of Chicago Fire on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET until the Season 10 finale on May 25. It continues to air between Chicago Med at 8 p.m. and Chicago P.D. at 10 p.m., and all three series are already guaranteed to return in the 2022-2023 TV season.

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