I Asked The Daisy Jones And The Six Cast What Their Favorite Needle Drops Are. See Their Delightful Responses

I don’t know about you, but when I hear a song in a movie or TV show that perfectly fits the moment there’s nothing better. From "Running Up That Hill" in Stranger Things to "Goo Goo Muck" in Wednesday, 2022 was full of amazing musical moments,  however this year, we’re in for a treat as the highly anticipated adaptation of Daisy Jones and The Six makes its way to the small screen. While the series is based on a novel, and is one of the major book-to-screen adaptations of 2023, it’s also rooted in music history, and features some epic needle drops. So, in the spirit of amazing music on screen, I asked the cast of Daisy Jones and The Six what their favorite needle drops are, and their responses were delightful. 

Right when I asked the question, Josh Whitehouse, who plays Eddie Roundtree, started singing an iconic song that happens to be featured in Daisy Jones and The Six. It was delightful to hear the actor sing the song, and then explain why it meant so much to him and the show:

[singing] I feel the Earth, move, under my feet. Right in Episode 1. I don't know if it's the song or the moment. It's when it's when Daisy's walking out at the end of the episode right after she does that incredible song. For me, that one.

Following an especially moving performance from Riley Keough in Daisy Jones and The Six's premiere, the episode concludes with her walking out of a bar to “I Feel the Earth Move” by Carol King and James Taylor. As Daisy leaves the bar, and the band drives into Los Angeles, the song really drives the episode home, pointing out that these artists are about to make something legendary but at a great cost. The lyrics really say it all, as King sings:

I feel the Earth move under my feet / I feel the sky tumbling down / I feel my heart start to trembling / Whenever you're around

Whitehouse’s answer was so good, his co-star Will Harrison, who plays Graham Dunne, had to agree with him, saying: 

You know, I don't know if I've got one of those off the top of my head. So I'd have to probably steal Josh's answer, make it easy and focus on Daisy Jones here.

As for the other cast members, they threw it back a bit with some classic needle drops. 

Timothy Olyphant, who plays the band’s tour manager Rod, explained that Uma Thurman’s literal needle drop in 1994's Pulp Fiction is one of his favorites. He noted the use of the song “Girl, You’ll Soon Be A Woman” by Urge Overkill, and he gushed about Quentin Tarantino’s ability to incorporate iconic music into his movies. 

Oh, off the top of my head, Uma Thurman, dropping the needle literally in Pulp Fiction. That's such a, I mean, I just jumped immediately. But I mean, I could go on from there. But that's quite a, that's literally a needle drop. And that Urge Overkill tune is that’s great. Like a Neil Diamond cover. It's a Neil Diamond cover. I mean, that's just like Quinton really knows music.

Not only does the moment showcase Uma Thurman’s iconic dance moves, it also helps drive the story forward. Olyphant is right, the director really knows his way around a soundtrack, and this moment in Pulp Fiction proves why it’s one of Tarantino’s best movies. 

As for Sebastian Chacon, who plays The Six’s drummer Warren, he chose a needle drop from the movie The Warriors, excitedly explaining:

For me, it's got to be in The Warriors, when they have the [sings] ‘nowhere to run to baby’ and they actually have a needle drop on the radio station. And it's like all the guys chasing. That's number one for me.

In the 1979 movie, a radio DJ literally drops the needle playing Arnold McCuller’s version of “Nowhere to Run” as The Warriors run away from other gangs who are looking for them. What’s fun about Chacon’s answer, is this song originally by Martha Reeves & The Vandellas has gone on to be featured in many different movies, including Baby Driver, a film that has an amazing soundtrack and some of my personal favorite needle drops (like "Bellbottoms").

Music always makes a movie or television show better, and when they manage to pull off a perfect needle drop it makes the viewing experience all the more fun. Daisy Jones and The Six is full of iconic musical moments, including both original music and classic needle drops, so make sure you are up to date with the 2023 TV schedule and have your Amazon Prime subscription in order so you are ready to watch this show, and listen to its amazing music, when it drops on March 3. 

Riley Utley
Weekend Editor

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