Mod Sun Wrote Jokes About Fiance Avril Lavigne In His Film Good Mourning Before They Were Even Together

Musicians Machine Gun Kelly and Mod Sun recently teamed up for Good Mourning which, surprisingly, isn’t a musical project at all. It’s a stoner-comedy flick that they co-wrote and co-directed, and in classic stoner fashion, the two believe that their writing manifested a series of events. Don’t scoff at the idea just yet, because one of the recurring bits in the film is about Mod’s character Dylan’s involvement with Avril Lavigne, and the two later became engaged.

Specifically, Mod Sun states early on in the film that Avril Lavigne wrote her massive 2002 hit “Sk8er Boi” about him, and this was in the script well before the two even started dating. We recently spoke with the musician-turned filmmaker, who told us this:

You know, it's kind of crazy. We like, that was kind of all manifested. I'm pretty sure we wrote in the Avril jokes before we were dating.

While Mod Sun was lost in the weight of coincidence, his co-star and fellow writer/director Machine Gun Kelly elaborated and told us that the bit was almost about a different musician:

Originally it was, just for this joke, it was about Fergie. He was like, ‘Fergie wrote the song “My Humps” About Me.’ And the joke was like, little does he know, this song came out in 2003, whatever it was. And then it was supposed to cut to a scene of him being in his room going, ‘my humps my humps my humps.’ And then we were like, I don’t think so. You should be like, ‘“S8er boi” was about me.’ And this was before he was dating Avril.

So if they had written the joke about Fergie instead, would she and Mod Sun currently be engaged? What a trip, man. The duo went on to explain that they never asked Avril Lavigne to be involved in the film, so it’s not how they met. Maybe we’ll just chalk this one up to coincidence. Or maybe, just maybe, it’s part of something larger… like, in the spiritual realm. Whoa!

This isn’t the only meta-element of Good Mourning. As you can see in the trailer, it features a ton of musicians and friends of Machine Gun Kelly’s, such as Pete Davidson. It also stars MGK's fiancé Megan Fox, but she does not play his love interest. The two have been going all-out to promote the film in ways that involve Fox sporting a see-through skirt and Kelly going full-nude. He even claims that the plot is inspired by an actual text he received from Megan Fox before they were dating, and that their writing on the film manifested the Fake Drake persona before it was going viral on Instagram. If you want something manifested in your life, get Machine Gun Kelly to write about it.

Good Mourning is available on VOD sources like Amazon right now, so see it for yourself! As for everything else that’s coming out this year, check out our 2022 movie release schedule!

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