Megan Fox Shows Off See-Through Skirt, Explains Why She Never Wears Her Hair Up In Funny Good ‘Mourning’ Post

Megan Fox was named Sexiest Woman In The World by an online poll back in 2008, but she has stated she never loved being objectified, and even she can be self-conscious about her looks. In a Good Mourning post – yes that’s Good Mourning, not good morning – the actress showed off a look from her most recent press tour in which she did something she very rarely does: Wore her hair up in a bun. This may not seem to be a huge deal, but Fox also has a pretty amusing explanation for why she oft wears her lengthy tresses down, sharing it while also showing off her latest risqué fashion look.

I love how Megan Fox’s attention is focused on this small detail of her hair when she’s literally wearing a feather-covered dress with a see-through lower half, but that’s pretty on brand for her. Fox’s fashion often trends toward the outrageous, like when she went pants-free on the red carpet or that other time she wore a see-through dress to the VMAs. But back to her hair:

In the funny post, Megan Fox referred to her head as “the size of a tiny edamame bean,” and now I can’t unsee it. Her hair is typically worn big and long, but it is worth noting she kind of has a bit of an Aubrey Hepburn look up top when she wears it in a bun ala Breakfast at Tiffany's. Though no one would compare that see-through feather look to Hepburn's famous black dress. 

Fox’s comment does ring true, though. I really can’t remember a time when I’ve seen her with her hair up before. That doesn’t mean it’s never happened in the decade+ she’s been a household name. However, it does mean that a typical Fox post looks more like this. 

Fox's role in her partner Machine Gun Kelly's new movie is small, but she's been a focal point on the press tour. This is true not only because of her fashion choices but also because a text Fox sent MGK was what spurred him to actually create Good Mourning. She also wore her hair down for the world premiere of the movie in an old school Hollywood glam look which can be seen at the top of this article. 

Meanwhile, though Good Mourning hit the movie schedule on May 20th and that press tour is past, Megan Fox is kind of having a moment with movie roles. Her highest-profile gig coming up definitely has to be her joining the super solid Expendables 4 cast. The flick’s already filmed and is expected out later this year. In addition, Megan Fox’s upcoming roles include Johnny & Clyde and Naya Legend of the Golden Dolphin

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