Machine Gun Kelly Reveals How A Text From Megan Fox Inspired His New Movie

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox in Midnight in the Switchgrass.
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Hollywood is full of hot celebrity couples, but it seems like the media can’t get enough of Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox’s relationship particularly. It kind of makes sense seeing as the two certainly hold some eclectic beliefs and have been open about some seriously strange practices, like drinking each other's blood. They do seem crazy about each other though, and their personal lives are converging into their professional ones, as Fox is starring in Kelly’s upcoming film Good Mourning. The musician-turned-actor-turned-director has now opened up about just how his fiancée Fox inspired his offering in the slate of 2022 film releases.

In an episode of the podcast Armchair Expert with Dax Shepherd, Machine Gun Kelly explains just how Good Mourning is inspired by Megan Fox. Apparently Fox didn’t use her phone very often when she and Kelly started seeing each other, and she sent him a text before leaving for a trip to “evaluate” Stonehenge in Europe. (Literally, what does that even mean, Megan?) Kelly was subsequently freaking out about her message through the duration of her phone-less trip. Here it is in his own words:

And she left, and when she left she sent me this text, and I lived in a house with all my friends at the time. And I went to each level, every room of the house and I was like guys, what would you say this message means? And every single person had a different piece of advice. All of them were terrible. And they led me to eventually just driving myself crazy.

I kind of love this. The beginning of relationships are weird, especially in the time of texting. It can be really hard to tell what texts mean, and there are often a number of different translations of tone and humor in a text, especially if you don’t know a person super well yet. I feel like I can somewhat relate to Machine Gun Kelly right now, which is something I never thought I’d say.

Machine Gun Kelly went on to say that amid his text message freak out and thinking that Megan Fox was breaking up with him, it was Travis (assuming Barker), who has his own interestingly unique relationship with Kourtney Kardashian, who calmed him down and assured him everything was good between him and Fox. Here is what Kelly said, exactly:

So I go, I tell everybody, well this is a disaster. I don’t know why this is happening. I text her a million times. Call a million times. Like, what does this mean? Decode this. Get no response. So I’ve now gone on 8 cul-de-sac walks with Travis, who is the only person who was actually like, “Dude she’s a grown woman. Like, you’re good. If you’re seeing each other like everything’s good” And I’m in my head like ‘No it’s not. Look at this!’[...] I’m scrolling up doing the full Da Vinci Code to the text conversation. And so, I then randomly was like I need to write this, I’m not gonna write this in a song. I’m gonna write this in a movie.

It’s such a little niche thing to make a movie about, but I’m absolutely loving this internal and external back and forth. It’s the best kind of chaotic, kind of like Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox. Honestly, I am pretty sure these two could inspire a whole lot of films, both individually and as a pair, given how interesting some of their antics are - like Fox literally pointing a gun at Kelly’s crotch, seemingly in an act of love. It’s fitting, though, that Kelly is making his debut as a producer and director with a film inspired by his fiancée, who he once stabbed himself to impress.

The trailer for Good Mourning is out, and it looks like a funny and high energy film with Machine Gun Kelly, Megan Fox and Pete Davidson in the center. You can watch the full film in theaters on May 20th, and it will head to video on demand the same day.

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