'Moon Knight' Episode 1 "The Goldfish Problem" | Analysis & Review

“Moon Knight” has officially debuted on Disney+ starring Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hunt, and CinemaBlend’s resident expert Law Sharma is here to break down everything we saw in episode 1, “The Goldfish Problem.” Watch as he dives into who this show is really about, departures and references to the Marvel comics you might have missed, and so much more!

Video Chapters

00:00 Intro
00:46 Steven vs. Marc
00:51 What We Know About Steven Grant
01:23 Is Steven A Reliable Narrator? We Don’t Think So
01:56 What We Know About Marc Spector
02:43 Why This Is Steven’s Story, Not Marc’s
03:07 Oscar Isaac’s Performance
03:45 Departures From The Comics
03:52 Steven’s Different Role In The Series
04:22 Jake Lockley
04:29 Moon Knight As His Own Entity
05:00 What The Show Got Accurate To The Comics
05:09 Layla vs. Marlene
05:25 Arthur Harrow In The Comics
05:43 Who Is Arthur Harrow?
05:57 Arthur’s Scale Tattoo Powers
06:13 Arthur Recognizes Steven (Marc)
06:19 Arthur’s Mission
06:40 Lingering Questions
06:45 What Does Khonshu Want?
06:57 Layla & Marc’s Relationship
07:08 Ammit’s Objective
07:29 How Will ‘Moon Knight’ Connect To The MCU?
08:09 Outro

Law Sharma
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