Outer Banks’ Madison Bailey Gets Real About Why She Thinks Kiara Has Stayed In The Treasure Hunt For So Long

P4L means a lot to the Pogues on Outer Banks, and when one of them needs the crew, they are always there for each other, even when the adventure ahead is dangerous. Madison Bailey’s character Kiara takes this mantra, which is short for Pogues for Life, seriously, and with Season 3 of OBX out now the actress is getting real about why her character is still on this wild treasure hunt. 

While the cast of Outer Banks chatted with CinemaBlend about when they would have personally tapped out of the treasure hunt, they also talked about what keeps their characters in this crazy adventure. Bailey spoke specifically about why Kiara, a Kook turned Pogue, is so devoted to her friends and this quest, saying:

I think she stays in it for her friends. I think in the beginning she was there for John B. while his dad was gone and I think the treasure hunt was his way of dealing with that. I think Kiara has stuck around to fulfill Pope’s need to find the cross and John B.’s need. So, I think for friends.

Throughout Seasons 1 and 2 of Outer Banks Kiara has always been there for her fellow Pogues. The first installment of the action-packed show focused on John B. and his hunt for gold. JJ, Pope and Kiara followed him, and helped him find it, then in the second season, Pope had a personal connection to the gold cross they were trying to hunt down.  In both seasons Kie was always there to support her pals, even though it resulted in her getting in big, big trouble with her parents, ending up in dangerous situations and eventually getting stranded on an island. However, as Bailey pointed out, she’s willing to do this because of how much she loves her friends. 

Minor spoilers for Season 3 ahead, read with caution. 

Now, with Season 3 here, Kiara is facing even bigger challenges because of this treasure hunt, both physically and mentally, however, she stays in it all the way to the bitter end. It’s revealed in the trailer for OBX that Bailey’s character ends up separated from the crew, and held hostage by the big bad. Following that scary situation, Kiara has to deal with her parents threatening to send her to boarding school, and away from her friends. Bailey posted some behind-the-scenes moments on her Instagram from this season that included photos of her looking over a cliff, and near a motorcycle, giving a hint as to how intense Kie's story is this season. 

While it’s a bit surprising to see all the Pogues continue on this treasure hunt, especially knowing how many times John B. almost dies in the show, their allegiance to each other and their drive to find the treasure is commendable, and really shows how much this group of friends love each other. 

To see Kiara’s story play out, and witness why she’s still on this wild treasure hunt, check out Season 3 of Outer Banks with a Netflix subscription.  

Riley Utley
Weekend Editor

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