Quentin Tarantino’s Hot Take On The Indiana Jones Franchise Has Fans Up In Arms Online

Quentin Tarantino has proven over the years that he’s extremely opinionated when it comes to movies. Sometimes, his takes can be overwhelmingly positive, like when he recently praised Tom Cruise’s Top Gun: Maverick as being the closest we are ever going to get to seeing a new Tony Scott movie in a theater. Other times, he has voiced his concerns about studios who are embracing the smaller theatrical window and rushing to get films to streaming, calling such practice “depressing” and lobbying hard for movies to be seen in movie theaters. Imagine that. More than anything, Tarantino just enjoys shooting the shit about all sorts of movies, and his opinion on the Indiana Jones franchise, shared on the ReelBlend podcast, has Harrison Ford fans up in arms online. 

Let’s set the scene. Quentin Tarantino and his Pulp Fiction co-writer Roger Avary appeared on CinemaBlend’s official ReelBlend podcast to plug their new show The Video Archives, and talk movies. Tarantino was making his fourth appearance on ReelBlend, and has established that he just likes hanging out and talking movies with the guys. While discussing Steven Spielberg’s movies, and QT’s choice for the greatest movie of all time, the conversation swung around to the Indiana Jones movies, during which Tarantino let it be known:

I like Crystal Skull more than the Sean Connery one. I don’t like the Sean Connery one. I don’t like (that) one at all. … That’s such a boring one. It’s boring! And he’s not an interesting character. The joke is made immediately. It’s like Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot.

There are hot takes, my friends. And then there are scorching takes meant to rile up a fan base on a Friday morning. The conversation swing this way because ReelBlend co-host Kevin McCarthy was mentioning how he doesn’t really think about the fourth Indiana Jones movie, 2008’s Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, as a legitimate installment in the franchise. Roger Avary jumped to the defense of Crystal Skull, revealing that he actually liked it. And Tarantino took it one step further by saying he preferred it to Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade… which really wasn’t the last crusade, as James Mangold will bring Harrison Ford back for Indiana Jones 5 in 2023. 

Mind you, everyone is entitled to their opinions, and fans of both Tarantino and Avary, as well as of the Indiana Jones franchise, had fun weighing in on social media.

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Others wondered if QT was swimming upstream in an effort to generate conversation:

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And some just used it as an excuse to post funny memes from the Indiana Jones series, such as this:

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Quentin Tarantino opened up about a number of interesting topics during his recent appearance on ReelBlend, including the one concept that he knows he will avoid for his tenth and allegedly final movie, and his thoughts on Pulp Fiction co-star Bruce Willis’ film legacy, now that the Die Hard star has announced his retirement due to an ongoing battle with aphasia. You really have to give the full conversation a listen:

And we look forward to one day having Quentin Tarantino and Roger Avary back on ReelBlend sometime in the near future.

Sean O'Connell
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