After Chris Pratt’s Comments About Harrison Ford And Indiana Jones Go Viral, Fans Share Their Own Snarky Thoughts

Chris Pratt in Jurassic World and Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones
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If you’ve been following the Hollywood rumor mill, you might have heard a big one that's been circulating a while that Chris Pratt might reboot Indiana Jones after Harrison Ford originated the character and will have played him for over 40 years when Indiana Jones 5 is released. This past week, Pratt was asked about that rumor, which he refuted, citing his fear of being “haunted” by Ford from the grave. Following this, Indiana Jones fans are weighing in. 

From the looks of it, many fans of the legendary adventure franchise from Lucasfilm and helmed for most of its run by Steven Spielberg would not have been on board with Chris Pratt taking on the role anyway. As Twitter user @KLSomniate quipped at the news: 

Good. I'd rather watch a 100 year old Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones than have Chris Pratt as yet another annoying snarky action hero guy.

Yikes! Chris Pratt began in comedy, memorably in the mockumentary comedy Parks and Recreation, before transforming into an action hero for the Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World movies. He's also contributed to the genre in other projects like The Tomorrow War and most recently in Amazon Prime’s series The Terminal List. @_Don_Rodrigo_ wasn’t on board with Pratt as Indy either, saying: 

Casting Chris Pratt as Indiana Jones should be a crime

While promoting his Amazon Prime series, Chris Pratt went on Josh Horowitz’s Happy Sad Confused podcast, where he was asked about the Indiana Jones rumors. Pratt responded by referencing a 2019 Ford quote where the Indy actor told TODAY, "When I’m gone, he’s gone." Cut back to the present, Pratt shared his fear he'd awaken the ghost of the actor if he took over the role after he died. Twitter user @girldrawsghosts joked about the topic, saying this: 

dying that harrison ford doesn’t give a fuck about anything 99% of the time but very specifically gave a fuck about chris pratt replacing him

Now not everyone would hate to see Chris Pratt play the role. There was even a deep fake made of the actor as Indiana Jones back in 2020, and many of the comments were stoked to see Pratt theoretically in the role. With two years between then and now, it’s possible that more people are becoming less interested in seeing the actor play so many action roles. Also, there’s the issue of Indiana Jones being so iconic that if anyone ever replaced him, they’d suffer an uphill battle no matter who they are. As @A_MysticalOne shared: 

Spielberg created that character for Harrison Ford so that's how it should be tbh. Fuck a reboot.

Harrison Ford is set to play Indiana Jones one last time in a fifth film set to be among 2023’s movie releases. The plot for Indiana Jones 5 is still under wraps, but the franchise’s longtime producer Frank Marshall has has said it will deliver what “everybody wants” from the film. You can check out the first look of Ford in Indiana Jones 5 and get ready for its release on June 30, 2023. 

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