The Goldbergs' Hayley Orrantia Shares What’s Ahead For Erica In Season 10, And The Storyline She’d Like To See

The Goldbergs closed out Season 9 recently, and while news about Jeff Garlin’s exit dominated headlines throughout the season, there are exciting developments for the show to address in Season 10. Hayley Orrantia’s Erica Goldberg is pregnant, and we recently caught up with the actress about what that means for the next season. 

While there once were some serious questions about whether The Goldbergs would return for a new season, Hayley Orrantia seemed to indicate that she already knows where Erica is headed in the upcoming season of the ABC series. I spoke to the actress following her exit on The Masked Singer, and after sharing with me how The Goldbergs almost revealed her identity on the Fox series, she shared what she knows about Season 10: 

All I can tell you is it’s gonna involve a baby and seeing Beverly Goldberg being a grandmother is gonna be very fascinating. A wild experience, to say the least.

Hayley Orrantia did note that the writers don’t give the actors any insight into what they’re planning specifically, but she apparently does know enough to say that the baby will be there. Plus, she dropped an awesome tease about Beverly Goldberg being a grandmother as one of the "fascinating" developments to look forward to. That’s not surprising, given how much people love Wendi McLendon-Covey’s character. 

The Goldbergs star could only say so much given her limited intel, but she did share one thing that she is hoping to see in Season 10. Hayley Orrantia revealed she’d like to see Barry and Joanne get their own shine in an episode and babysit Erica’s baby on the way: 

One storyline that I really want to see is Barry and Joanne…who are a wacky couple, I want to see them babysitting. I think that it would be a hilarious episode. Overall, you’re going to be seeing a lot of baby stuff. That’s all I know.

Fans of The Goldbergs can expect “baby stuff” and likely a lot more when the series returns to ABC in the fall. The show will return without Jeff Garlin, and reports indicate that his absence will be addressed on the show. That seems like the best course of action going forward, especially after all that creepy CGI the show used in an effort to keep Murray in the show. Garlin and the show arranged for his exit after a string of misconduct allegations. It’ll be interesting to see how the show proceeds without him and if Murray’s role will be filled. 

The Goldbergs is on a brief break for the summer, but anyone with a Hulu subscription can binge Season 9 and catch up before the new episodes air on ABC. Weird CGI aside, there are some great episodes to revisit.

Mick Joest
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