The Masked Singer's Season 6 Winner Jewel Reveals Inspiration For Queen Of Hearts Costume, Details For Next Album And Tour

The Masked Singer’s Season 6 came to an end, and, as many predicted, the Queen of Hearts stood tall as the season’s winner after a fierce showdown with the Bull. When the two contestants were unmasked, audiences officially learned that choreographer and American Idol vet Todrick Hall finished second to none other than the iconic singer Jewel. Following her win, Jewel took the time to talk with CinemaBlend about the show, her personal connection with the Queen of Hearts aesthetic, and her future.

Jewel’s link to the Queen of Hearts may be deeper than what many past contestants have had with their own costumes, mainly because she played an active role in its design. The singer apparently helped visualize and sketch out what would eventually become the full-bodied costume, which turned out to be a jewel-ed heart with one eye. Jewel explained her inspiration for the costume during her CinemaBlend interview, and told me about the presentation she wanted to bring with it to The Masked Singer

I’d been working on an art piece that was a sculpture of a heart breaking open with this light spilling out of it with this eye. I like the idea of seeing with your heart and this idea that all of our hearts are destined to be broken in life but it’s what we do with the pieces that make us extraordinary. And are we gonna build a wall, or are we gonna build an artwork? And so I wanted to represent that on the show. I know it’s a kitschy, silly show, but I found that it had a lot of heart, actually. I really enjoyed my process.

As deep as the design went in terms of its background and emotional resonance, it wasn’t at all out of place amongst any of the other costumes featured in Season 6, at least from a visual perspective. I guess the fact the Heart was indeed a “jewel” might have been a bit of an obvious clue in retrospect regarding who was behind the mask. But given Jewel’s goals to inspire art and creativity out of heartbreak, as well as the fact that nobody picked up on the clue, it’s hard not to appreciate every single aspect of the Queen of Hearts. 

Visually, the Queen outfit was stunning, though perhaps not as mobile as some of The Masked Singer Season 6’s other costumes. Jewel talked about some of the restrictions that plagued her throughout the season, and how her vision was impacted every time she walked out on stage.

My costume was obviously very top-heavy, but it wasn’t hot, so that was a real plus. I had terrible visibility. I could only see about twenty feet in front of me. I couldn’t see any of the people, and I couldn’t see the judges. I could only see from the bridge of my nose up. So, I couldn’t tell where the edge of the stage was or where the center of anything was [laughs]. So, for the camera, being in the center of the stage was pretty hard for me.

Despite that, Jewel managed to make it through The Masked Singer without any major mishaps or issues in the Queen of Hearts costume. Obviously, her performances didn’t suffer either, as Jewel crushed it each and every time she went out on stage in Season 6. 

What To Expect From Jewel's New Album And Tour

Jewel released an EP following her win on The Masked Singer, titled The Queen of Hearts, that features covers of every song she performed in Season 6. Fans will be thrilled to find out she’s got another album on the way in 2022, as well as a tour to promote the impending release. Jewel shared a bit about her new album with CinemaBlend, as well as what fans can expect from her getting back on the road. 

I have a new album called Freewheelin’ Woman. It’s the first studio album I’ve done in seven years. I’ve been busy being a mom but finally got the bug and wanted to write something new and sing in a way that I hadn’t gotten myself to sing. It’s funny, you know, my writing has never really showcased my voice. I don’t know why, I was just always so focused on the story. So, with this album, I, of course wanted it to be strong lyrically but feel really different vocally. So, it’s more of a soul/pop album, and I’ll go on tour this spring. I’ve been talking to my friend Pat from Train, so maybe we will go out together.

It’s an exciting time to be a Jewel fan even beyond all things Masked Singer. Season 6 certainly raised the bar in terms of how competitive the series can be, though, and how things can evolve in future seasons. Hopefully, next season is just as thrilling and will bring more Jewel-caliber performers to the big stage. 

Fox hasn’t officially confirmed The Masked Singer will return for Season 7, though it seems extremely likely we’ll see another season, given the show's continued success. In the meantime, there’s still plenty of time to revisit Season 6 and its performances on DVR while catching up on some of our past chats with the eliminated contestants of this season! 

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